Thursday, December 01, 2005

Don't You Put Me on the Back Burner

Hellooooooo! I'm back! I had a very nice - and short - blog break among the three dimensional people. I quite enjoyed them, though you guys smell better than they do. Although I had truly meant to take more time off, I missed my blog family. But that's not the only thing that brought me back in such a timely fashion.

Ubermilf wrote a very interesting post about wanting to start all over after making mistakes. Sadly for us grown-ups, we don't have "do overs" like we did when we were kids. One of the reasons I took time off from blogging was because I felt like I had allowed my life to get out of control. Things weren't perfect, so something had to give. I needed a "do-over." But guess what? Nothing is ever perfect. Not blogging is not going to make my problems go away. If anything, blogging is a way for me to sort through my problems. And so I return, no doubt to the delight of those anxious to abuse me for being such a drama queen.

But first things first. I would like to respond to the lovely comments I got on my previous post. Instead of doing it in the comments section, however, I have decided to do it here. Shut up. It's my blog and I'll do what I want. You're all just pissed that you never thought to do this.

sunshine said...
You go, girl...I'm sure a lot of us will miss your frequent, funny comments and observations. But we'd rather that you be happy than to keep us entertained!This post hits a bit of a raw nerve with me because I am struggling to find balance in my life right now too. Good luck to both of us!: )
11/27/2005 4:44 PM
Sunshine, thank you too. I hope you have found some balance. If you have, let me know. I didn't, I just missed blogging so I'm back. Pathetic? Yes.

Cactus Prick said...
Dammit, woman. Hurry back.
11/27/2005 4:49 PM
I'm back ya prick! Did ya miss me? Get that web cam yet?

Tomlawyer said...
Hey, wish you the best. Bye for now....
11/27/2005 4:59 PM
Thanks Tom! I'm so lucky to have you around. You do know that I consider you my lawyer, right? How much are restraining orders going for these days?

Calzone said...
will miss you dumbass, hopefully we can talk soon.
11/27/2005 5:05 PM
Thanks dumbass. Catch the clap from one of your bimbos yet?

Knitty Kitty said...
tis the season to scale back, a lot of us are doing it. I think i realized I needed to step back a little when my family got sick and tired of me starting to say something "i read in a blog today..."g'luck
11/27/2005 5:56 PM
At least you can say that to your family! My blog is my dirty little secret. And so are all of you.

Egan said...
Good for you Brooke. I mean, I feel like I should do the same thing, but don't have the heart to step away from the computer. It will happen sometime in the future though since I need to shift my priortities and the end of the year is fast approaching. Thanks for keeping the masses entertained.
11/27/2005 6:09 PM
Stop being a such a drama queen. You sound like me. It's not like you and I don't IM every day anyway.

darth said...
are you back yet? :(
11/27/2005 7:06 PM
Yes! Here I am!!!

The real me said...
I will miss trading quips with you, dear. And you'll always be near the top of my blogroll!xo
11/27/2005 7:40 PM
Thank you TRM. You better not have written any dirty stories about me while I was gone.

yournamehere said...
I would never delete you from my blogroll...uh...what was your name again?
11/27/2005 8:20 PM
You are such a twat.

yournamehere said...
Love ya, Brooke. How do you think I feel? The quality of my personal life and the quality of my blog have both reached all time lows.Take care of business, babe.
11/27/2005 8:21 PM
We need to get out drinking together one of these days, my friend.

Dan-E said...
dammit brooke, i was just starting to like you. at least i got to see your ta-tas. but seriously, it's cool you're forcing yourself to go live life among the three-dimensional people. bloggers are fun but if you go outside once in a while, it's nice. and it ups your chances of meeting viggo.if you're ever down in sobe, well, god help you.
11/27/2005 8:28 PM
You saw my ta-tas!?! Was that you on the boat outside my window!? If you come back I'll paint my phone number across them for you. My ta-tas I mean, not my windows.

kris said...
Murr. But I understand. Good for you, young lovah.But I'll miss you.
11/27/2005 8:36 PM
Lovah! I am so using that word from now on!

Browneyedgirlie said...
I can relate completely.You have to take care of yourself first and foremost.I hope you're able to find that balance and join us again soon :)
11/27/2005 9:05 PM
Thanks girlie! How goes the relationship? I should probably mention that I hate anyone in a solid relationship right now, so you may not want to answer.

Jill said...
I am happy to keep you on my blogroll, and I am sure you make a great three-dimension-human not-just-virtual-reality kinda gal pal. Find your balance but don't forget me either!
11/27/2005 9:35 PM
I am still completely unbalanced, so nothing to worry about there. And I've been reading your blog all week. Your stuff is too good to miss.

Neil said...
At first I thought this was just another stunt to get a whole lot of "I love you, Brooke" comments without doing any work. But now I see you were being real.Brooke, you know hard it is for me to hear this. I will now shave my head and walk through Tibet until you return.Honestly, we all spend too much time online, and it is important to remember that this isn't REAL LIFE. We'll miss your wit and kind words terribly, Brooke. So, don't take too long getting your life together... and enjoy all those shiny red apples that your students will give you for Christmas.
11/27/2005 10:32 PM
Neil, you know I've been reading your stuff too. I wouldn't miss my daily dose of Neil for anything. Oh, and thanks so much for writing about me on Blogebrity. Do you know how many hits I got from that? About four. Blogebrity sucks. For those of you who want to read his article abusing me, click here. I'm waiting for the next article to skewer me for coming back after a week.

Dating Dummy said...
Hey Brooke, I can relate completely. I'm in the same boat, and am trying hard to strike that balance. But tipping it back to the balancing point with ICG pretty much means spending less time on my blog. Take your time, then come back to us when you can!
11/28/2005 12:05 AM
DD, you and ICG are very lucky to have found each other. I'm guessing we will be seeing less and less of both of you as you begin your new life together. By the way, I hate you both.

MoDigli said...
I would never ever ever delete your name from my blogroll, Brooke! And don't feel badly about taking needed time for YOU! Honestly, I know I spend too much online, too. Why is it so addictive? I think it's just that I found such a community of support and like-minded ppl who are just like all of the descriptions you offered in your post. I know that with the re-balancing of your life, you will find and create a community of supportive and like-minded 3-D ppl, too! You're the best, and you deserve all the happiness and balance you can handle! Love ya!
11/28/2005 12:23 AM
It's way too addictive! Every now and then I just cut myself off from my computer. It's kind of like a relationship - one of those on-again off-again love/hate things. I really really need to find a man. Does your new man have any hot friends?

Spirit Of Owl said...
All the best to you Brooke. I'll be watching for your return, but if you find that you like the real world too much to come back, I wish you a wonderful life. :) X
11/28/2005 4:16 AM
Owl, you are so sweet. I hope I have a wonderful life even with the computer.

JJ said...
Bye, SMG. Come back soon.
11/28/2005 7:55 AM
WOW SMB, your heartfelt good-bye really has me all choked up.

boo said...
enjoy your break. come back soon brookester. miss u.
11/28/2005 8:22 AM
Boo! I used to have a boyfriend who called me Brookester. Crap, now I'm thinking about him.

cannot be trusted said...
Me, my wife, my Girlzilla, and my poochie will miss you, but we understand your decision. My Blogroll never gets updated, so consider yourself a mainstay!
11/28/2005 9:29 AM
Jacob, you guys totally make me feel like part of the family. What time is dinner?

Evil Petting Zoo said...
You have a permanent spot on my blogroll. Yours is one that I read on a regular basis. Yours is one of the first blogs I've ever read and commented on. I even think you were one of my first commenters. Great blogging aside, for that you will always have a place on my blog. Now go find that cop!
11/28/2005 12:49 PM
PEZ! One of my firsts! How are things with the girl who owns your smile? Oh, and I hate you too.

officer krupke said...
Brooke my darling, do what you have to. We will all be here waiting for you....or I will arrest everyone.
11/28/2005 12:51 PM
Damn you, couldn't you have dropped me off at my neighbor's house? They were loaded and had no kids.

Jo said...
But I just STARTED reading you! How not fair :-( Ah, well... I suppose you're worth waiting for! Hurry back!
11/28/2005 1:24 PM
Thanks Jo! I look forward to checking out your blog! And yes, I'm worth waiting for. At least that's what the boys have said.

thephoenixnyc said...
See you in a few hours. ; 0
11/28/2005 1:54 PM
You little shit. You buying the drinks when I come to NY?

Ubermilf said...
Sorry to see you go, but I am glad to be the hottest girl on blogger now.
11/28/2005 4:47 PM
Like you weren't before.

Brooke said...
You guys are wonderful. I'm not leaving forever! Honest! Not even close! I'll probably be back before the holidays. And I'm already making my little commments here and there. I just didn't want people to give me shit for not writing. Love you all! See you soon!
11/28/2005 4:52 PM
Shut up dumbass. They are all saying really nice things. Don't interrupt.

Tumbleweed said...
Damn it, I am new and you are truly an interesting person! I hope you come back so I can get to know you better!! Take care.
11/28/2005 5:01 PM
I love your name! And thank you for the nice things you said! I truly hope I can keep on being interesting - for both of our sakes.

Egan said...
Gosh, I was wondering if you would ever comment again. I mean you have some nerve to just stop blogging when you feel like it.
11/28/2005 5:33 PM
You really do miss me huh. Loser.

Kallun said...
"Whimsical fun"... I like to pretend you were talking about me then.Good luck.
11/28/2005 9:27 PM
You are definitely whimsical fun for me Kallun. And hopefully you will continue to be so when we finally have that torrid affair. Just remember lovah, I'm only going to use you for sex.

Monkey said...
It seems we were separated at birth? We both wrote similar posts in the same weekend? Amazing. I relate to your post completely. Balance. It's all about balance. Easier said than done. I too wanted to warn people that I will be around less on other blogs due to "real life". I've grown so fond of people here I couldn't just disappear without explanation. You are stuck on my blogroll under "Daily Fecal Samples" until the end of time. No worries there. We love you.
11/28/2005 9:35 PM
We do seem to be very similar in a lot of ways. Between our lack of fingers, our time living in Australia, and our bad taste in men, I'm thinking I finally found who Officer Krupke took me away from when I was a baby. If your family is rich, I'm going to be really pissed.

Menar Piggs said...
Brooke - Your stories are a book waiting to happen. Submit your stories to a magazine...perhaps you are on your way to a 4th career? I want your autograph.
11/28/2005 10:18 PM
You wouldn't happen to be a publisher would you? Cause that would be way cool.

LeMorse said...
Please...come over to my BLOG and read today's post. It means the world to me.
11/28/2005 10:48 PM
LeMorse, you come back after all this time to ask me for money? Bastard!

Evil Petting Zoo said...
Yay for Officer Krupke!
11/29/2005 12:48 AM
He may have a lot of 'xplaining to do.

Bill said...
Perhaps you should wean yourself off … You know, keep posting but stop making comments. Hmm? Just a thought! What do I know?Or maybe just start a new blog under another name and create a personality that only posts every four or five days and never comments? You know, someone stand-offish but groin numbingly sexy? Now that might be a plan!
11/29/2005 1:56 AM
All I got off from that comment was "groin numbingly sexy." Yes please, I'll take some of that.

cannot be trusted said...
I have some shit to give you. Here, SHIT!
See, you truly are like family.

WhiteBoyBob said...
I'll be checking up periodically to make sure we don't miss your grand return
11/29/2005 2:22 PM
I'm here! Where is the brass band? And the cake? I thought for sure there would be cake.

Calzone said...
Your blog sucks
11/29/2005 7:24 PM
Nobody knows more about sucking than you.

BamaGirl said...
Good luck! It will be hard to tear yourself away from your computer, I'm sure! Let us know how it goes!
11/30/2005 12:45 AM
It went great! I discovered that balance is highly overrated.

Mary Worth said...
Young lady, you have done a wise thing. The more I learn of this blogging business, the less I like it. It seems to be polluted with unemployable layabouts and sexual deviants. I'm old, and haven't had a solid bowel movement in months.
11/30/2005 1:33 PM
Do you think you could introduce me to some of the sexual deviants? Preferably the ones with six-pack abs and really low IQ's, please.

cannot be trusted said...
Someone is giving you shit over at Blogebrity, too. Neil.
11/30/2005 2:40 PM
Neil actually emailed me the link. Because of Neil, I am a blogebrity for not blogging. How cool is that?!

sandra said...
we all go through phases/stages like this. i'm sure you'll get it all figured out. you'll be missed, but not forgotten.
11/30/2005 7:12 PM
Thank you Sandra. I'm not sure I was missed since I was only gone for a few days, and it's very likely I was completely forgotten since I was only gone for a few days. But it's the thought that counts.

charming, but single said...
You'll be back in a week. I know it.
12/01/2005 12:33 AM
Even less. Dammit, I am so transparent.

Lord Duke Nick Seaman said...
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12/01/2005 2:22 AM
I harbor no desire to be interviewed, but I will go read it anyway because I love Knitty and I want to show your blog support. By the way, you are such a whore.

Jaxe said...
Just the ebb & flow of life, babe ;-) We'll be here for you if you need us (assuming we're not also on sabattical, hehe) *hugs* I hope you are well!j
12/01/2005 3:34 AM
You wrote this on a Thursday. Were you half naked when you hugged me?

Lo Lo Lova said...
Miss you Brooke! Good luck finding the perfect balance :)
12/01/2005 9:31 AM
Oh Lo Lo, being that we are both so anal retentive, what do you think the chances are of ever finding perfect balance?

Anonymous said...
I love you Brooke!
12/01/2005 1:38 PM
I'm just going to assume you are the man of my dreams. I love you too, Viggo!

To those of you who came by but didn't leave a comment, thanks for dropping by and come back soon. For those of you who didn't even notice I was gone, go fuck yourselves.


Calzone said...

Life is fucked no matter what you do, and what good intentions you may have.

Glad you are back

Brookelina said...


Knitty Kitty said...

I've done the same thing where I was freaking out about stuff and pulled away from blogger.
I realized then that in my crappy ass little blogging is my social life for the moment, and cutting off from it only made things worse.
I just keep it my little secret now.

glad you are back and that you enjoyed the interview.

Brookelina said...

Thanks Knitty! I feel like such a dork freaking out and running away. Sometimes shit happens. Like Calzone said, people have good intentions, but intentions don't really mean anything in the end.

Jill said...

I'm glad you're back! Thanks for the love. (I really need it.)

Melliferous Pants said...

I like that you responded to your own comment.

Dan-E said...

well that didn't take long. and yes that was me on the boat outside your window. and don't worry i spent less than an hour fantasizing about your ta-tas afterwards. (this is where i admit i have no idea what you're talking about.)

and there's no need for you to sully (great word huh?) your ta-tas with paint. just scribble your number on a napkin or an old receipt. or your ass.

they're spectacular by the way (not the windows).

kate said...

I was on vacation in FL the whole time you left your blog and came back, ate twenty years of thanksgiving dinners and let everyone see your dream diamond ring, so I actually came back just in time, I guess! Glad to see you've given up on the temporary-abandonment-of-the-blogworld idea! If I'd come back to your previous post, I'd have marched back down to florida and made you start writing again! I only found your blog about a month ago, but already I'm hooked!

So anyway, glad your back-
(btw- you were brilliant to leave jersey to go to florida. while I was basking in the 80 degree orlando weather, my family back in the ne was suffering seven degree temps and snow!)

Neil said...

"(to Jill) Jill, you're the best blogger in the whole world. You're such a sexy blogger. I'd love to take you out sometime. I think we can make beautiful blogging music together. What? Brooke's back? Already? She was supposed to be gone for months. Quick, hide in the monitor. (to Brooke) Brooke, I didn't expect you back so soon. Of course, I was waiting for you. I would never delete you from my blogroll and suddenly take on another "favorite" female blogger. I understand that there are "younger" bloggers out there, some more nubile and innocent than you are. Some that don't leave blogging one day and come back two days later like a crazy person. But that's what I love about you. You're so spontaneous. No, don't turn on your monitor. No, no one's hiding in there. Who would I hide in there? I haven't even blogged while you were gone. I just pined away over you. Didn't you see that lovefest on Blogebrity. (to Jill) Psst... Jill... meet me at this URL..."

mary worth's smug sense of self-satisfaction said...

Be sure to eat four helpings of green vegetables every day. Take it from me; I had the gout and my feet swelled to the size of frozen turkeys.

Bill said...

This is so similar to a relationship I recall ...

"I'm never sleeping with you again! You're out of my life!!!"

Two days later:

"Your feet are cold!!!"

And so on ...

I laughed out loud when I saw the comment you left. I have this image of you as Al Pacino in The Godfather Part III, "Just when I thought that I was out they pull me back in!"

ducklet said...

the only reason i didn't comment was because i knew you'd be back.

but if you figure out one day how to truly and actually quit blogging, please share the secret. i'll pay you.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you about "do overs". We just don't get the chance when we're older and wiser. Shame really, as that's when we need it the most.

I want a new career in a new location, but can't see that happening somehow :o(

Anyway, please have a slice of cake, I baked it special like.

Kris said...

I'm so glad you're back. Now Neil will stop humping our legs in your absence.

T'was said with love, Neil.

Anonymous said...

No, nothing is ever perfect... but we Goddesses can hope, can't we?
Or in our case... fantasize...

So glad you're back - even though you never really left.

boo said...

brookes back. nice.

mamalujo1 said...


Nick said...

I knew you couldn't stick it out. Quitter.

Jaxe said...

Hahah Brookie ;-) Welcome back to 2d land! I feel so flat ;-) and if I posted on a Thursday, well, you saw what I was wearing, eeps! Miss ya, have a great weekend

Lo Lo Lova said...

Brookie, we are neat/clean/organized at home so that at least ONE aspect of our lives is "perfect."

Welcome back, Baby!

Girl With An Alibi said...

Welcome back!

Brookelina said...

Jill - you and me both!

Pants - I'm schizophrenic like that. And so am I.

Dan - go to my sidebar where it says Best of the Babbling Brooke and click The Accidental Flash. That will clear it up for you. Oh, and thank you.

Kate - you are so sweet. The weather here has been beautiful, but I will be moving back to Jersey after the school year. Call me crazy. Everyone else does!

Neil - that didn't take long! Typical man, throw me aside as soon as someone with better grammar and sharper wit comes along. No worries, I've been replaced before and I'm sure I will be again.

Mary - thanks for that visual. And don't you worry, I am as regular as clockwork.

Bill - I am such a woman. One minute I'm fine with everything, the next completely freaking out over every little thing. I should really be sedated.

Brookelina said...

Brando - Neil dumped me. You're up.

Bob - I love you Bob. See how easy I am to please? Bring me cake and I'm yours.

Kris - now that is an image.

TRM - we Goddesses. Thank you for that. You don't even know how much I needed that right now.

Boo - you are too sweet.

Tom - yay!!

Nick - I only came back to try to get in your pants.

Jaxe - yes I did! By the way, I only came back to try to get in your pants.

Lo Lo - I was so excited driving home from school - all I was thinking about was coming to my blog and then cleaning my apartment. Have I mentioned I should be sedated?

Girl - good to be back!

Nick said...

I'm easier than you, so it shouldn't be too hard.

Egan said...

Can you do a post about these replies too? That would be so groovy.

ducklet said...

Me and Neil are tight, Brooksie. That's just not how I roll.

Pfft. I tried anyway. Meet me at the nearest dumpster/back alley and let's get this started right.

Brookelina said...

Nick - I'm going to restrain myself from making the obvious joke about your hardness.

Egan - I think they'd run me out of blogland on a rail if I did that.

Brando - you had me going there for a minute. I can't wait to have alley sex again, it's been way too long.

Tumbleweed said...

I have totally been stalking Nick and Ubermilf, so I am very excited to add you to my list! Welcome home!!

Anonymous said...

Brooke, I think we need to hook up over many, many Cosmos...

I mean that in a totally non-sexual way, BTW, before any of you testosterone-driven creatures jump to attention.

gone said...

I always wanted a big sister. Big as in older, not fat. But, not too old or anything. Is this hole I'm in deep enough yet or should I keep digging? Argh. Yeah, like Charlie Brown...Argh.

Nick said...

I meant difficult.

Übermilf said...

I don't know if I'd trust Nick, after he insulted your anatomy on my blog.

Neil said...

Look, we all love Brooke. That's accepted. But am I the only one brave enough to stand up and ask her the question that is on everyone's mind, "What the hell were you thinking?" You left blogging for three days, then came back? I, for one, don't like to have my emotions played with, like a cheap accordian. Where were you during those three days... and who were you with? When we started this blogging this, we all decided, to remain blogging through richer or poorer or rain or snow. But what does it mean to you, Brooke? Am I just another guy you blog with a couple of times, then toss back into the blogosphere? I think you owe all of us an apology. But maybe if you post a photo of yourself in a bikini, all would be forgiven.

Brookelina said...

Tumbleweed - cool, another stalker! Let the restraining orders commence!

TRM - I agree, though I think I'll have gin and tonics if you don't mind. Or mojitos. I love them.

Jacob - yes, I'm old and fat. Thanks for nothing.

Nick - you mean flaccid?

Ubie - when you have no neck, a mishapen head and and bumps for breasts, the insults are a given.

Neil - that's me, the love 'em and leave 'em bitch of the blogosphere. And I make no apologies. During the time I was gone I was searching for my next blog man that I will toy with and then toss out like yesterday's news. *insert evil laugh here*

Nick said...

You know I'm just messing with you, right? I think it's fun when I piss you off and you call me some foul mouthed name. it's like "our thing".

Plus I'm sure you'd be way hot if I was drunk.

Marel Lecone said...

Don't be mad like that. :) I only did not come around because I've been giving myself a break somewhat. :)

Bill said...

You should be sedated? I should be housed in a greenhouse and hosed regularly. I live in a beautiful place, lots of hardwood, just spiffy. But messy and in need of a cleaning. Choked with cat hair. Friends say, "Call in a maid service."

Great idea! Except, I can't ... not until I clean the place first! How fucked is that? I can't hire people to clean my place because they'll come in and see it's a mess - so I have to clean it first.

What kind of idiot thinks like that? Me!!!

Quit blogging for a day or two? That's just a minor aberration.

Übermilf said...

Brooke, are you describing your avatar, or are you describing Nick? Because I think both are accurate.

Brookelina said...

Nick - why do men like it so much when I curse? Fucking dumbasses.

Marel - I'm just being a bitch, don't pay attention.

Bill - I wouldn't mention your messy house here. Too many anal retentive freaks come to my blog. You might make their heads explode.

Ubie - I was talking about my avatar, but now that you mention it, it's an uncanny description of Nick as well.

Spirit Of Owl said...

I only wanted to say, "Woohoo! Brooke's back!" but now I'm confused. Is Nick hard, difficult or easy?

mary worth's smug sense of self-satisfaction said...

Miss Brooke, this is an official notice that you've been tagged on my blog.

JJ said...

Welcome back, baybay.

jiggs said...

I just thought of the following:

If it ain't Brooke, don't fix it

Anonymous said...

hey, I posted a 'don't go, I'll miss the dimples on your bum' comment but it's not here...I must have put it on some screewnriter dude's blog by mistake and now he is paranoid I am after him strictly for his body

Anonymous said...

You freaked me out so much when you quit blogging I forgot my password, and now have to comment as Anoymous. Thanks.