Sunday, April 27, 2008

Say hello to my little friend

Well boys and girls, I did it. I've met the man of my dreams. He's smart, handsome, loving, and loyal. And he sits on command! He's perfect! So what if he's a sloppy kisser and only seven months old - he's the one I've been waiting for. We met this past weekend at a festival on the bay and it was love at first sight. He was working the kissing booth - also known as the table for the Humane Society - and I couldn't take my eyes off of him. All the other girls there wanted him too, but HA!!!! I won! I always did go for the pretty boys. I went to visit him today, and he was so happy to see me he almost wet himself! Actually he did wet himself, but that was a one time thing. It was clear we were meant to be. I so wanted him to come home with me today, but apparently he needs to have a little "procedure" done before he leaves his temporary digs. Ahem.

I'm thinking of calling him Riley. But I will take all suggestions until he moves his cute little tail in on Thursday.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


I found this on someone's blog ages ago. I don't remember whose it was, but I saved it for just such an occasion (the occasion being that I can't get my head together enough to write a good post). Feel free to steal.

Ten seconds ago I was taking a sip of coffee in my new office.
Ten minutes ago I was making a pot of coffee in my new kitchen.
Ten hours ago I was sleeping in my new bed in my new bedroom.
Ten days ago I was preparing to move in to my new house.
Ten weeks ago I was house hunting.
Ten months ago I moved back to Jersey to be a teacher.
Ten years ago I moved back to Jersey to be a professional chef.
----- ----- -----
Ten years from now I hope to be as happy as I am now.
Ten months from now I will be about to obtain my Master's degree.
Ten weeks from now I will be starting summer break!
Ten days from now I hope to actually start blogging on a regular basis again.
Ten hours from now I will be having Chinese food for Passover.
Ten minutes from now I will head out to spend obscene amounts of money for my new house.
Ten seconds from now I will take a sip of coffee in my new office.

Monday, April 07, 2008