Monday, December 26, 2005

20 Questions for Egan

Not long ago, in a fit of absolute boredom, Egan decided to ask me 20 questions in an epic session of IM. I was stuck inside due to the weather, Egan was stuck inside due to that nasty thing called work. When I was finished, I then turned the tables on him and forced him to answer his own inane questions - with a few minor changes. Here is the result of Egan's interview. To read mine, go to Egan's Monkeyboy Blog.

1) Brooke: Have you seen a grown man naked?
Egan: Yes, I see lots of grown men naked at the gym. Now stop calling me Shirley.
Brooke: Ok, I’ll call you Ethel.

2) Brooke: Do you like movies about gladiators?
Egan: I love the one movie about gladiators I can think of. I think it’s because I have a chubby for Joaquin Phoenix though.

3) Brooke: What was your first car?
Egan: The first car I owned was a 1986 Honda Accord LX. I bought it in 1993. The first car I ever drove regularly was an Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser station wagon complete with wood paneling and a very pungent mold smell. We called it the Moldsmobile.

4) Brooke: Tell me something unique about yourself.
Egan: I sleep with a teddy bear. It’s the long arms folks.

5) Brooke: Who was your first crush?
Egan: My first crush was in first grade. Her name was Shannon Brown. She also happened to be my first kiss.
Brooke: I’m going to assume there was no tongue.

6) Brooke: Where is your most sensitive spot on your body? (excluding private areas)
Egan: Neck/ear region. I squirm like an 8 year-old boy when appropriately touched there.
Brooke: That’s quite the mental image. Thank you.

7) Brooke: What was your favorite Halloween costume?
Egan: A couple years ago my wife and I dressed up as Siegfried & Roy. I was Roy Horn with gashes on the neck and all. Very inappropriate, since The Accident happened about three weeks earlier. Oh well.
Brooke: Classy.

8) Brooke: Do you think it's bad to eat a whole pizza by yourself?
Egan: I do think it’s bad, but I do it way too often and justify by saying I will go for a run or workout. Or that I just deserved it.
Brooke: Being that you are an Ironman, I think we can excuse you.

9) Brooke: If you could work any job you've worked before, which job would it be and why? Was it the pay or the job duties that would keep you at that job?
Egan: I would work my college job again at Simply Desserts. I ran the show by myself and loved it. Met tons of people (dated some) and the tips were pretty damn good.

10) Brooke: Do you regret dating anyone in your past?
Egan: Zero regrets about people I dated in the past. I chalk it all up to a learning experience.
Brooke: Wow, you’re so balanced.

11) Brooke: Do you keep in touch with your exes?
Egan: This may sound strange, but I really have only one serious ex-girlfriend. I dated quite bit before I got married, but only had one serious girlfriend before I met my wife. But yes, I do keep in touch with her. We just exchanged email last week. based on you posting this on Monday Brooke
Brooke: It doesn’t sound strange since I am convinced you are a closet homosexual.

12) Brooke: Is Patrick Swayze gay? Do you want him to be?
Egan: I hope he’s gay so I can nail him. Sadly I don’t think he’s gay even though he was in Dirty Dancing and that To Wong Fu and Damn this a Long Movie Title Julie Newmar movie. His best movie was clearly Red Dawn. “Wolverines!”
Brooke: See? Gay.

13) Brooke: Do clothes complete a man or mask who they really are?
Egan: Who created this question?
Brooke: You did, Ethel.
Egan: I want to say mask, but a well-dressed confident man can really push me over the edge.
Brooke: Again, my point is made.

14) Brooke: Three goals you have for next year?
Egan: 1. Complete the Ironman Canada in August.
Egan: 2. Find a real job/start my own company; blogging doesn’t count as a job does it?
Brooke: Unfortunately not.
Egan: 3. Read more books.

15) Brooke: Would you consider yourself to be a romantic?
Egan: Damn this is a loaded question. I guess the honest answer is no. There’s a lot more I could do to surprise my wife, but I am too lazy to think that far ahead.
Egan: Does watching 90210 with my wife count as romantic?
Brooke: No.

16) Brooke: What was the first thing you noticed about your wife when you met her?
Egan: Her eyes and then her intellect. But damn those eyes of hers sucked me in.

17) Brooke: What two shows on TV do you have to see?
Egan: 24 and The Amazing Race
Brooke: You answered that in a much more timely manner than I did. Thank you.

18) Brooke: If you were to meet a blogger in person, what do you think their biggest surprise would be about you?
Egan: I have to go with height here. I think my broad shoulders make me look bigger than I am.
Brooke: Hear that girls? Tall. With broad shoulders. And when I say girls, I mean boys.

19) Brooke: What got you started on the road to blogdom?
Egan: My former co-worker Sprizee showed me her blog and eventually wore me down enough where I started blogging my experiences. The rest is history.

20) Brooke: Finally, how has blogging changed your life?
Egan: Blogging has opened my eyes to many different things I may not have experienced on my own. I have met so many wonderful people via blogging, it’s ridiculous. The biggest change blogging has provided me, not sure I should admit this, is how to shuffle my work day around blogging. It has given me a wonderful outlet to share my experiences and opinions with others. Beats the hell out of emailing your friends some impersonal email about my happenings.
Egan: Thanks Brooke for the opportunity to share.
Egan: Great questions by the way.
Brooke: Egan, you rock.

Now go read my interview!!!


Jill said...

Egan, I also am addicted to 24 and The Amazing Race. And, can I borrow that line, "a well-dressed confident man can really push me over the edge"? Because really, that's it.

Now I'm off to read about you, Brooke.

Nick said...

I always knew that dude liked the cock.

Anonymous said...

cool stuff...this may need to be spread around (not the answers but rather the question format)

sandra said...

I liked the questions so much that I decided to rip them off and answer them on my own blog (thanks!).

Übermilf said...

I love you, Egan. I'm going to say that every day.

P.S., Uberdilf has tickly ears, too.

captain_howdy_girl said...

egan, this is like the 3rd time you have mentioned 90210... sissy

Dan-E said...


ChickyBabe said...

"Tall. With broad shoulders. " AND speaks French?


Nick said...

Third time, my ass. It's like the 46th time he's metioned it. You know why? Because 90210 fucking rules.

Brookelina said...

Jill - thank you for reading. I'm not saying I'm opposed to an Armani suit. I'm just saying that a well-fitted pair of Levi's will send me over the edge.

Nick - of course you did babe.

MQ - Sandra already went for it, so I say go for it to you too!

Sandra - already been to your place. Loved it.

Ubie - Egan really is quite lovable, isn't he.

CHG - sissy is exactly the word I was going for as well. But then again, not all gay men are sissies. Some are quite masculine.

Dan - am I the only person that noticed that the entire time Brenda was on that show she had to say the character's name before every sentence? "Dylan, let's have sex. Dylan, wait, let's not have sex." "Brandon, don't tell mom." Could the girl not remember who she was talking to unless she did that?

Chicky - AND married. And married men suck, just go read my interview. We even say it there.

Nick - I think you and Egan are so cute together.

none - ya said...

It really is interesting the people you meet while blogging. Who knew that the internet would become a source for me and obviously others to voice opinions and share things we don't even tell our family and "real live" friends. I love it!

Johnny said...

that interview was too long.

here's the quickie:
1. whens the last time you had sex?
2. did you moan?
3. whos name did you yell out?

:D :P

Flounder said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Flounder said...

Doesn't the Canadian Ironman start with a 2.4-mile skate across a frozen lake, then move on to a 112-mile dogsled trek, and finally culminates in a 26.2 mile snow-shoe run across a peat moss plantation? Sounds pretty intense, eh! I tip my tuque to you!

Jacynth said...

Yes, this needs to be spread around. I'm going to rip off Sandra ripping you off, how about that?

Brookelina said...

Mac - can I call you that? You are so right. Hell, nobody in my family even knows about this blog.

Johnny - if you want to know the answers to those questions I suggest you ask Egan directly.

Flounder - Egan will be very pleased to read that when he gets back from Florida.

Jacynth - I have no problem with that - in fact, I love it. I'm heading over to your place now to check it out.

gone said...

Levis? Are you serious? Are you some kind of Bruce Springsteen lover? Born to Run is so fifteen minutesago, Brooke. And don't get me started on those new "designer" Levis. Those things are cut for pussies.

Here I am, back on your blog even though I said I never would return. And on an Egan-related post nonetheless.


Tumbleweed said...

How do you and Egan know each other? Do I need to read all your archives to find out? He's very cute in a married sort of way!

Brookelina said...

Jacob - why did you say you would never come back? Was it something I said? Was it the lack of cleavage? Please don't leave me again. Unless you are going to slam Springsteen. Then you can fuck off.
And Levi's on a man are hot. They hold the butt just right. Especially a good butt. And I like a good butt. So there.

Tumbleweed - Egan and I are blog buddies. We have been instant messaging for months, and he is secretly in love with me, even though he is also secretly gay.

Anonymous said...

Isn't having the name "Squid" bad enough? If you really want to call me Squidly, you may. I just won't respond...
Like my pa used to say, "Call me what you want, jus' don't call me late for supper."

Brookelina said...

Squidly - you rock.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else think Egan's got a troll head in that picture?

Bill said...

I was engaged in my own Canadian Ironman contest today as I tried to eliminate wrinkles from a shirt.

However, I've never ironed on a frozen link. Doesn't seem all that practical, you know?

Bill said...

A frozen link? A frozen link? Where the hell did that come from? I may have meant a frozen lake.

Melliferous Pants said...

"Hear that girls? Tall. With broad shoulders. And when I say girls, I mean boys."

Oh dear.

And I don't think Egan has a troll head...but he might have a shiny troll belly button. I'm not sure, I haven't seen it.

Nick said...

He doesn't. Trust me.

Jill said...

Oh Brooke, I'm not saying I don't appreciate a good pair of jeans on a man; I was just saying I liked how Egan put that other quote. A few weeks back in Barnes & Noble, I found one of those picture postcards with a man dressed in nothing but a pair of faded jeans, lying on a big comfy quilty thing, looking all "come hither-y" and I had to buy the damn postcard. Now I keep it in my notebook for inspiration. Yum.

Brookelina said...

TRM - now is that nice? I prefer the term "bobble head."

Bill - you need to get out more.

Pants - Nick will answer that one for me.

Nick - thank you for clearing that up.

Jill - I think you need to post that picture on your blog. Yes I do.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I should have said a cute troll head...?

Nick said...

My buddy Grant used to have a girlfriend who we called Bobblehead, but for entirely different reasons.

Egan said...

Wow, so many answers to respond to on this post. I am still in Florida, but I see the need set the record "straight" on a few things. I will get back here later today. I don't have a troll head, it just my damn curly hair. Be back later...

Brookelina said...

I am having an exceedingly good chuckle over this.

Egan said...

Jill - both those shows totally rule. 24 starts up in a couple weeks.

Nick - are you talking about me or Patrick Gayze?

Ubermilf - I love you and your husband's ears.

Captain - only the third? you clearly aren't paying attention.

Dan-e - yes, Donna Martin does actually graduate and goes on to run a successful apparel store. Next issue?

ChickyBabe - it just isn't fair is it? You will soon learn about my faults to even things out.

Brooke - Brenda's character was lame and it's a damn good thing they wrote her off. She had a mushrooming movie career ahead of her.

Mackenzie - that observation of yours is so true. It's so amazing how well I know some of you considering we have never met.

Johnny - love the perversion remark of yours. What else should one expect?

Flounder - without the "tip my tuque" remark I would have had to declare war on you again. Canada rules. Nuff said.

CBT - should we take this outside?

Tumbleweed - don't listen to Brooke. She will twist anyone's words in her favor. We hardly IM ever and she wants me. I am not gay, ... no that gay at least.

The Real Me - I am totally not offended by your remarks. I am not going to Glamour Shots this weekend to prove to you I have a normal head.

Bill - I feel you my Canadian buddy. We need to talk about Canada's representation at Epcot in Disney World though. It sucked ass.

Pants - way to cover for our "relationship" babe. You rock my world.

Nick - way to cover for our "relationship" dude. You rock my world.

The Real Me & Nick - I have a cute bobblehead like troll head. Have fun with that one.

Brooke - anything for you. Does anyone use a freaking turn signal while driving in the Sunshine State? I will save that for another post. Take care Brooke.

Brookelina said...

Was I supposed to do this on my interview too? Clearly more people are interested in Egan's world than mine. It's just heartbreaking.

And no, the people in the Sunshine State believe that you should never let other drivers know what your next move is going to be. So you will never see a turn signal unless the driver grew up elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Egan just wants more attention than he deserves... He's hogging your Blogging... he's a blog (whore) hog!

Egain, c'est une petite blague... je t'adore!

Egan said...

The Real Me - I figured you were kidding me. You very funny. I really didn't have time to babysit my blog so Brooke didn't get the proper attention. But there's still time.

Brooke - that's what I figured, regarding the turn signal thing. I think I may have to do some research on what the lack of a turn signal society actually means. Brooke, there are no rules for these sorts of things... duh.

sirbarrett said...

You should be an interviewer by profession (but then you wouldn't be a teacher). You're great! I loved the conversational nature of this. Was it done in person, verbally?

Egan said...

Sir, the conversation was conducted via IM. Right Brooke?