Thursday, November 08, 2007

Ten Words that I can't say without giggling

  1. Underpants

  2. Doily

  3. Pudding

  4. Fuckerdoodle

  5. Wifflejunk

  6. Smock

  7. Squid

  8. Galoshes

  9. Kumquat

  10. Balls


miss kendra said...

doily. HAHAHA.

Nance said...

You left off "snort."

Übermilf said...

I think "panties" makes me giggle more.


Valley Girl said...



CP said...

Mine is "wood". Isnt that stupid? 41 years old...and I can't order a coffee table without snickering.


matty said...

"pussy" makes me laugh. ...that's why I call it "sally"

...I never heard of "fuckerdoodle" but it is now my all time fave word!

Can you provide a sample of how it is used in a sentence?

Scarlet Hip said...

Kendra - you'll never say doily again without giggling.

Nance - oh I like that.

Ubie - tushie!

Valley Girl - poppycock. hehee.

CP - you are so immature! Kumquat!

Matty - Sally. HA!! If you click the fuckerdoodle link, you can see where I first read this now classic word.

Bill said...

I've always had a fondness (and giggle) for winky. And tinkle. And who can't laugh when someone says bum?

Bum, bum, bum ... Even my dog's laughing.


jiggs said...

wifflejunk? is that a word? It's confusing me so much that I can't even giggle.

By the way, did I ever tell you about the time I got galoshes in my underpants?

yournamehere said...

Scrotum is a pretty funny word because it's clinical and horribly filthy at the same time.

yourflounderhere said...


'nuff said.

Toby said...

How often do you say/hear fuckerdoodle? ;-)

Scarlet Hip said...

Bill - I hate the word tinkle. Hate it! Stop saying that! Bum is worth a giggle though.

Jiggs - It's a made up word by Sysm. It's fabulous. Tell me about the galoshes in your underpants before I explode.

Todd - ewwww scrotum!

Flounder - it's so very quiet here on the island right now. You would love it.

Toby - all the time. In fact I'll say it now. You're a fuckerdoodle. Ha!

Toby said...

I have a big bar of soap waiting for you, young lady.

Anonymous said...


Murp! said...

The word that always make me giggle is "MERCY"...

Erin O'Brien said...