Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cable Lineup - November

The most recent set of words and phrases that landed unwitting freaks to my blog/cable network.

Reality TV - new!
  • what would 20% of adults "do for $100,000"
  • if i'm that great how come I'm still single
  • there's a village in texas that is missing its idiot
  • busier than a crack dealer on payday
  • cures for a snotty cold

  • mummification-sex password
  • "best fuck on the planet"
  • dreaming about having sex on the beach
  • how to make flashing look accidental
  • see you in a bra
  • when men like big asses
  • 27" bad girls pinball legs
  • down on the shore of the hanky panky
  • naked boobage

  • "You can only find happiness when you stop looking for it."
  • ive been a bad girl and still am
  • too picky for a boyfriend
  • his skirt dance role reversal
  • fat cheeks when smile
  • how to darken nipples
  • scarlett big butt

Food Network
  • coffee and cigarettes diet
  • what do we call the fruits of the wild rose
  • kiss the cook apron
  • rosehip.gin
  • dill clown tkam
  • what do rose hips taste like?

Gerard Butler TV
  • gerard butler - page 51 of the search, this person really delved deep
  • gerard butler butt
  • gerard butler butt image
  • gerard butler's penis
  • gerard butler's ass
  • "gerard butler penis size" - it should be noted that because this was in quotation marks, my blog was the only one to come up in the search. I'm so very proud.
  • girls linked to gerard butler
  • brooke sucks
  • brooke needs
  • viggo's girlfriend in 2007

Religious TV - new!
  • what does museltov mean?
  • ghetto fabulous christian according to the bible


Sysm said...

How did you not lump "Best fuck on the planet" under Religious TV?

Scarlet Hip said...

True, I am a religious experience.

Nance said...

I think "when men like big asses" should be listed under Reality TV.

flounder said...

What does museltov mean?

jiggs said...

according to the Bible, Jesus was the most ghetto fabulous Christian.

Beth said...

I just want to know why anyone would want to darken their nipples. But, I'm glad you were able to help the Googling person.


Übermilf said...

I darken my nipples with magic marker.

Think Frustrated said...

Who goes to a search engine and types in "naked boobage"? My guess is a nine-year old boy. That's my new catch phrase. Naked boobage. It used to be "reckon-ize," but i just love saying boobage.

Bill said...

But what do we call the fruits of the wild rose?

Naked boobage?

Tits McGee said...

"Down on the Shore of the Hanky Panky" will be the title of my autobiography.

Tits McGee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bone said...

If I'm that great how come I'm still single?

I think the fact you just typed those words into a search engine on the internet answers your question sufficiently.

(Trying to hide the fact that that one was me.)