Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Overheard in my Classroom


What's the matter?

She put that money in hew mouth! You nevew put money in youw mouth!

He's right, honey. You shouldn't put money in your mouth. That's good advice.

Why not?

Money is diwty!

Yes, money is dirty.

What's advice?

Advice is like a suggestion, something that can help you.

I know thome advithe! Newer go outside without your thockth.

OK, yes. That is good advice. Does anyone else have any advice?

I have purple socks on!

My socks have holes.

Thanks for sharing. No, you don't need to take off your shoes to show us. We believe you.

My grandfather has a HUGE refrigerator!

OK then. Anyone else have any advice for the class before we move on?

Yah! I have advice. Nevah mawwy youw cousin.

Right, let's clean up and get weady...I mean ready...for lunch.


Sizzle said...

that refrigerator comment cracked me up!

yournamehere said...

my grandfather was buried in his huge refrigerator. Thrifty to the end.

Melissa said...

I miss the unintentional hilarity of little kids en masse. Kid hordes aren't nearly as amusing when they're twelve and thirteen.

Valley Girl said...

Hmm. How much money did she have in her mouth?

Miss B said...

LMAO - honestly, little kids are the most humorous people I've ever met! And I'll be damned if the same conversation wasn't overheard in my classroom last year on a daily basis.

matty said...

You rock!

It would be fun to be a fly on the wall in a classroom.

You know, my 4th grade teacher forever instilled a fear of money germ in me by having us take a dollar bill, put it in a plastic baggie and leave it in the fridge for a week and then look at what grows on it.

Still grosses me out to have a restaurant hand me change before I have to eat.

Damn Mrs. Smith!, I think you should do it to your kids! Just a big of advice.


Hypersonic said...

Are you in New Joisy or Tennesee?

sue said...

I love listening to kid conversations...

Think Frustrated said...

Does every kid in your class have a speech impediment? The "don't marry your cousin" advice can come in useful.

Übermilf said...

Do you know where strippers put money?

jiggs said...

strippers put money in their purse... if you know what I mean!

But seriously, the three pieces of advice from this are quite useful. The worst possible thing one can do is to put money in your mouth, and then marry your cousin without your socks on.

Bone said...

LOL Aww, that's adorable.
I like the holes in my socks comment. That was soo me.

Spinning Girl said...

awww! They aw tho fuckin cute!