Saturday, February 04, 2006

Unconscious Mutterings and Big Asses

I got this from Spinning Girl, and she in turn got it from its creator, Luna. *Play along. Just put the first thing that comes to mind. You can do it in the comments section or on your own blog. Have fun. Don't say I never gave you anthing. And go wash your hands please. Lord knows where they've been.
*This is not a meme.

1. Long distance::
2. Meant to be::
3. Here::
4. Endless::
5. Resentment::
6. Insipid::
7. Bunny::
8. Slogan::
9. Naked::
10. Sarcasm::



1. Long distance:: romance
2. Meant to be:: not this time
3. Here:: today, gone tomorrow
4. Endless:: bullshit
5. Resentment:: screw you
6. Insipid:: love songs
7. Bunny:: fuck like a ..
8. Slogan:: more bang for your buck
9. Naked:: Sedaris
10. Sarcasm:: wasted on seven year olds


I would like to thank Natalie Dee for once again creating the perfect drawing for me to share with my fellow bloggers. This one is for some of you in particular. I will not name names. They know who they are.


Übermilf said...

Viva les derrieres gigantiques.

Anonymous said...

That's "gigantesque"...

1. Long distance:: love affair
2. Meant to be:: a joke
3. Here::today gone tomorrow
4. Endless::love (my first romantic movie)
5. Resentment:: let it go already!
6. Insipid:: slurping (WTF?)
7. Bunny::playboy
8. Slogan:: fizz (oh wait, that's sloe gin...)
9. Naked:: rolling on the bed with the rain pouring on a tin roof
10. Sarcasm:: my prefered tone of voice

Spinning Girl said...

Dude, I have the biggest ass of all, and it wiggles and jiggles like a bowlful of jello. Good ting I'm a chick.

Spinning Girl said...


That's how we say it around here.

Nick said...

Oh, Someone corrected Ubie's spelling! I am in heaven.

If you don't like dudes with big asses or dudes who are big assess then I guess there's no reason for me to come to chicago.

Brookelina said...

Ubie - I like my butts firm and hard. Like my men.

TRM - love your answers. I think Ubie may kick your butt though.

SG - well as we all know here, there are certain bloggers who live for jiggly asses - sounds like you are the perfect woman for them.

Nick - oh I see. So the idea of simply being in my presence is not enough? I guess I won't be getting spanked after all.

Übermilf said...

I mixed up your responses; I mistook SG's comment as being to Nick, and vice versa.

It made both funnier, at least to me.

Dan-E said...

dude, i have a pretty big ass and chicks dig it. so ha. (better than having no ass)

yournamehere said...

I'm coming to Chicago and I'm bringing the paddle I took off the bloodied corpse of my eighth grade gym teacher. I plan on using it.

Melliferous Pants said...

1. Long distance:: doesn't work
2. Meant to be:: fairy tale
3. Here:: and there
4. Endless:: diarrhea
5. Resentment:: anger
6. Insipid:: boy
7. Bunny:: trash
8. Slogan:: lies
9. Naked:: juice
10. Sarcasm:: roar

Um, I'm fine and how are you?

Brookelina said...

Ubie - I get mixed up all the time around here.

Dan - this whole big butt thing is way out of control.

YNH - Nick will be happy to hear that.

Pants - did you notice the name of the picture? I should have pointed it out to you.

jiggs said...

my blog is broken. It's randomly deleting comments.

Also i like big round asses (on the ladies) and I'm not kidding though like so many others. They are just so visually and tactile(ly?) appealing.


Melliferous Pants said...

When did I get married?! What's he like? (Other than the obvious-- a sulky dude with a sizeable donkey.)

I am having the same problem with randomly deleted comments. I think blogger is high on crack.

Bill said...

I'm happy! I'm happy! I've got bo butt!!!!!

Bill said...

Bo Butt ... use to play for the Chicago Bears.

Dan-E said...

the only thing outta control is the way you shake your ass (don't ask me how i know this)

ChickyBabe said...

1. Long distance::relationships
2. Meant to be::together
3. Here::now
4. Endless::love
5. Resentment::anger
6. Insipid::pass
7. Bunny::ears
8. Slogan::adverts
9. Naked::men
10. Sarcasm::hurts

captain_howdy_girl said...

1) Bell
2) fate
3) and now
4) eternal
5) hate
6) inane
7) rabbit, tricks are for kids
8) slow gain
9) in the house
10) me

Brookelina said...

Jiggs - I guess blogger has righted itself. Apparently it was having all kinds of problems yesterday. As for big butts, I'm finding that more and more men appreciate a little junk in the trunk - except down here in Florida - where it's all about skinny and perfect and young and rich. I can't wait to move back to the Northeast.

Pants - isn't this the question you are always asking - when did I get married? At least now when people ask you, you can show them this picture of your groom.

Bill - you are a butt.

Chicky - naked men. Or even just naked man. I so miss that sight.

CHG - inane. I love that word.

Anonymous said...

If Ubie can really fill out an apron like that, she could take me, no contest!

Brookelina said...

Dan - how did I miss you! Have you been looking in my windows again?

TRM - Ubie is a righteous babe.

Calzone said...

Methinks you protest too like big asses

Brookelina said...

Shut up dumbass.

GrandPooOfAwesome said...

1. Long distance:: sadness
2. Meant to be:: providential
3. Here:: now
4. Endless:: summer days
5. Resentment:: retribution
6. Insipid:: boring
7. Bunny:: happy
8. Slogan:: rosie the riveter
9. Naked:: boobs
10. Sarcasm:: calzone

sandra said...

1. Long distance:: Ross
2. Meant to be:: bullshit
3. Here:: and now
4. Endless:: summer
5. Resentment:: pointless
6. Insipid:: twit
7. Bunny:: Ripley (context: we call my dad's dog, Ripley, "bunny!" because he hops)
8. Slogan:: advertising
9. Naked:: Sedaris (I'm with you on this one, Brooke)
10. Sarcasm:: absolutely

Charlie "the party" Manson said...

I am not scary. I put up a special post just for you.

Big ass lover.

babyjewels said...

1. Long distance:: butt ogling
2. Meant to be:: loving big butts
3. Here:: big ass, come to momma
4. Endless:: crack
5. Resentment:: small asses
6. Insipid:: tiny hieny
7. Bunny:: butt
8. Slogan:: "brooke likes big butts"
9. Naked:: yes, that's her preference
10. Sarcasm:: never!

yournamehere said...

I'll play along.

long distance::home
meant to be::dying alone
here::'s where the story ends
resentment::coarsing through my veins
bunny::pastel eggs
slogan::"I need a blowjob".
sarcasm::who, me?

Chauncey Gardiner said...

long distance::springtime
meant to be::root systems
slogan::there's much work to be done
naked::Oh my
sarcasm::I don't understand

Dan-E said...

brooke totally loves big asses. as they say, birds of a feather...

Brookelina said...

Poo - endless summer days....nice.

Sandra - gotta love Sedaris.

Chuck - liar liar pants on fire.

BabyJ - Remember, I like guys that are big asses, not guys that have big asses. Big ass difference.

Todd - you are like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.

Chauncy - I am a huge fan of yours!!

Dan - so you are a big ass then Dan?

Chauncey Gardiner said...

Ah yes, I see. Very well then.

I really must be getting back now.

Damien said...

1. Long distance::Phone call
2. Meant to be:: raining
3. Here::goes nothing
4. Endless::fucking around
5. Resentment::is for people with time
6. Insipid::journey
7. Bunny::stole my ipod
8. Slogan::keep on truckin
9. Naked::me and Jennifer Garner
10. Sarcasm::a place in Italy

Spirit Of Owl said...

I have a very attractive butt. Mostly it attracts planets. It also deflects the orbits of meteors.

Yes I'm saying it has gravitational mass, but that's all quantum, and quantum's about really small stuff. So... so there.

Brookelina said...

Chauncey - you are so deep.

Damien - how did I not put Viggo next to naked???

Owl - I love your butt. And as for the rest of what you said...ummm...yes.

Brookelina said...

This game is fucking pissing me off! I'd like to know who on the Pittsburgh side blew the officials to get every fucking call to go their way.

Thank you.

Suck it, Nick. said...


Whatever, Brooke. We beat the shit out of the Seahawks. Especially in the 2nd half.

Brookelina said...

Shitty calls. I didn't really care who won, but I like to see a fair game.

Suck it, Nick. said...

That was a fair game. There may have been some shitty calls in the first quarter, but the game was won in the second.

Suck it, Nick. said...


Brookelina said...

Nobody likes a gloater!

GrandPooOfAwesome said...

gotta love sedaris...both david and amy! love me some strangers with candy too.

Charlie "the party" Manson said...

Again, this is for you Brooke.

Long distance::relative concept
Meant to be::revolution
Here::again, relative concept
Slogan::bummer of a birthmark, Al

jiggs said...

I have a crazy idea, brooke. How about you and I make a movie? It will be a remake of cagney and lacey and I will play cagney and you can play lacey. And in this version of the movie, cagney and lacey will be lesbian lovers.