Monday, June 06, 2005

The World of Blog

So here I am, entering the world of blog. Blogging? Bloggering? Whatever. No matter what you call it - it's a babblefest of epic proportions. I should have just called this the babblefest. Ah, see! This is the story of my life - overthink tiny things - like what should I name my blog - and jump right into major things - like going back to school to change careers. Which I did, graduated with high honors just last month, thank you very much! So I went from being a being a technical recruiter (ok that was only for one year...kind of like the transitional career...much like the transitional boyfriend...we'll talk more about that later) now becoming a teacher. Yes sir, all that education, time, and work to join one of the lowest paid professions in America. Woohoo! But teaching is a noble profession - and I am honored to become a part of it. I'm sure this blog will have much more on this topic, as well as cooking, decorating - am I the only one who is addicted to HGTV? - football, travel, general opinions, and various other priceless little tidbits.

Wow, now that wasn't so bad at all! Now I must add a picture - just because I can.
As the blog world turns....


Anonymous said...

The "blogosphere" is benifiting from your presence.

Sysm said...


I'm lost.