Sunday, June 12, 2005


It's late, and I'm tired - and uninspired - and I promise to stop rhyming now. But I would like to go all geeky here and send out a thank you to all of those in the blog community who have made me feel so warm and fuzzy during my first week here. You have been encouraging, accepting, and thought-provoking. You have also been peculiar, twisted, and sick - which must be why I fit in so nicely. But most of all, you have given me more than a few laughs.

It's been especially flattering to be mentioned in others' blogs, so I want to send a special thank you to those that did this: Josh, Lemorse, and Kid Sis. Air kisses and golf claps all around.

So now it's my turn to send out a little good karma. For a must-read, check out MoDigli's blog, particularly the Nutritious AND Delicious post. Mo - I will be using that expression for the rest of my life. Thank you!

And since we are talking about karma here, I have to share this little story that I think of every time the word "karma" comes up. This is a snippet of a conversation I heard between two co-eds on campus last year. This is not something I read on the internet, or heard from someone else. I was actually lucky enough to hear this first-hand.

Co-ed #1: "He is like such a dick! You are so, like, better off without him."
Co-ed #2: "Oh I totally know. I am like so over him. He doesn't deserve me, he'll get what he deserves, like that whole comes around thing theory, ya know."
Co-ed #1: "Oh I totally believe in that! That comes around goes around thing.....uhhhhh .... Karma Sutra!"
Co-ed #2: "Right! That's it!"

To this day I wonder what they were majoring in. God, I hope it wasn't education.


Harley Quinn said...

HAHAHAHAAHAHAH....omg...Did you laugh OUTLOUD at that one? I dont think I could've helped myself..especially with the whole "valley speak" to just ice the cake. A real live beavis and butthead in female form..too funny. Thanks for the laugh.

Miss Browneyedgirlie said...

That story is just as good as the one a co-worker told me recently. These two high school girls (also co-workers, both nearly 18) were having a debate over how to spell Brazil. Yup, you read it right...Brazil. And they're 18.

After minutes of debate, they finally decided it was spelled with an 'S.' And one of the girls says, "And my friend, he's Portuguese and he doesn't even know how to spell it. He thinks it's spelled with a 'Z'!"

These are our future leaders ladies and gentlemen...scary, isn't it?!

Brookelina said...

Lascivious - diet coke came out my nose. LOL

GEG - This story also goes well with the one about the two girls I met in Paris when I was backpacking. They were going to be there for 21 days, so they brought 21 pairs of underwear. They didn't know if there were washing machines in Paris (3rd world country that it is). The concept of sinks never dawned on them.

Brookelina said... girl..oops!

Major7 said...
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Anthony said...

I love it. I'm all about the Karma. That's why I'm generally nice to people, otherwise I'd be a huge jerk.

MoDigli said...

You rock! And I'm feeling all the warm and fuzzies, too! THanks for the karma-link. :))

thephoenixnyc said...

I was walking down Lexington avenue with one of my friends and we spotted a really pretty girl on the corner talking on her cell phone.

We were ohh and ahhing on our way to here. As we got right next to her, she squaked into her phone. "Like O-My-God."

My firend and I looked at each other and started laughing and we both hadd the look that said, somuch for here being hot.

Kallun said...

Thank you

Jeff F. Haines said...

Karma works in strange ways. What goes around. . . .

Minutes before visiting your blog, I felt the need to thank people who read my blog. And here you've begun this post with a similar message to your readers.

Because you craft your words with excellence, I am honored when you choose to stop by Ghost Writer. It does make me fret about misspellings and grammar issues. Nothing personal, mind you. It's that you work in the education industry. Makes me feel as though my English teacher is looking over my shoulder.

Hey, that's a good thing. :)

Brookelina said...

Jeff - please remember that you had to explain the difference between "affect and effect" to me, and yet I still can't seem to quite get it. lol
I am a new first-grade teacher, and formerly a chef, so please don't fret. I would never pick on others for grammar and spelling - unless they are Republicans.

Brookelina said...

Kallun - you're welcome. *wink*

Jeff F. Haines said...

Wow. The first grade. That is so neat.

You're teaching kids who don't know to hate their teachers yet.

Anonymous said...

what scares me while reading this latest entry, is that I'm wondering if we even sounded like that while sitting on our Maloney stools....I'm thinking not, we were so like way cooler than that!!
you know I love this

Brookelina said...

We did not say "like Oh my God!" ...but we sure called many a boy "dickhead". I can think of a couple of them right off the bat! lol

And we knew the difference between karma and karma sutra. hehehehe