Monday, June 06, 2005

Mourning Maloney's

For those of us who grew up at the Jersey shore, it's a sad time indeed. The legendary Maloney's in Margate - the bar where everybody knows your name if they aren't too drunk to remember - is closing. Every town has its Maloney's .... it's like the real version of Cheers without the canned laughter. To imagine it not being there - inconceivable!

I don't live in Margate anymore, but it's still home to me. I'm surprised by how sad I am about this. Maybe it's just a sign of the times, things change I know, but this is one place that nobody ever thought would change. Probably because it hasn't changed as long as I have been going there, and that's around...well..never mind how many years it's been. (me? go to bars when I was underage?? ya think?) I think George put a new jukebox in once, and then there was the addition of the outside patio, but not much else - if you don't believe me just check out the bathrooms. I spent the better part of my 20's drinking in the Tavern (or the Zoo as we affectionately called it), and eating (ok, and drinking too) in the Beef & Beer. I drank many beers and shots of Jack Daniels (ick), sang "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" a couple of thousand times at the top of my lungs, ruined several pairs of shoes on the beer soaked floors, got sick in the bathroom, danced on the bar, and met many a cute boy. I even worked as a chef in the kitchen the summer before I went off to travel the world. Everyone has Maloney's memories, some more than others, but everyone has them. And that's not even mentioning the annual bike-a-thon...suddenly I'm hearing Archie and Edith singing *those were the days*.....

I'll miss Maloney's - we all will. Saying goodbye to this legendary institution on Labor Day will be like saying goodbye to an old and treasured friend. The friend you always could count on to be there for you. I can't imagine what it will be like next summer to come home and see townhouses where my friend used to be.


joshtastic said...

I feel your pain i too have lost a part of myself during such an event. I must say you are a much better blog author than I. You can check out my silly little blog if you want its

happy blogging,

PKD said...

There is a dead man in my bed, she said,
That smile you see upon his face,
It's been there for many days,
There's a dead man in my bed.

Brookelina said...

Keith, I'm at a loss....

Anonymous said...

The greatest bar in the world for comradery, non pretentiousness and mindnumbing marathons of Barley and swampwater.

A Bar like Maloney's is a precious gem. Our experiences are priceless

Congrats George on a wonderful goodbye summer; Maloney's Last Call.

Thank you for your hospitality, the cheap room upstairs in the '70's.

I am proud to be one of the Early Werewolves of Margate!!

Fran F. "Shirtman" '73 to '80

Anonymous said...

I too am mouring the loss of maloney's....I was there on 9/5 to say goodbye. Check out

Anonymous said...

I first went to Maloney's when I was a 20 year old kid in 1970, using my friend's driver's license to get in. I met the love of my life there in 1973. After a 20 year hiatus, I went there in 1998 with a buddy of mine on an early Sunday afternoon and couldn't believe that NOBODY was there. Back in the 70's, the hard core drinkers opened the place at 7:00am and it was packed by 4:30pm with people coming off the beach. I went there again this past Labor Day weekend to say my last goodbye and had a great time, just like the old days. A lot of old heads were there, reminiscing just like I was. I told my favorite story of my friend, dead drunk, falling off the barstool and me and another guy picking him up off the floor, each of us taking an arm, like the manager and trainer of a punch drunk fighter who just took a hard left hook. I had a dozen other stories like that to tell but not enough time to tell them. I'm going to miss the hell out of that place.

Goodbye my old friend.