Wednesday, September 05, 2007

An Open Letter to Mr. Craig

I don't care if you are gay. I don't care if you want to have sex with anonymous men in bathrooms. In fact, I don't give a damn about your sexual orientation whatsoever. I know this may be hard to believe, but some people don't really care about the sexual preferences of strangers. Some people feel that what goes on behind closed doors between consenting adults is really nobody else's business. Some people believe that others shouldn't be persecuted for their sexual orientation, and that discrimination based on sexual preferences is abhorrent and despicable.

It's a shame, Mr. Craig, that those people aren't part of your political party. What's even more shameful is that you have been one of those people up until now.

How does it feel to be hated, vilified, attacked, and humiliated - all based on this new perception of you? Is it shocking to you that suddenly people are treating you differently because they see you as a homosexual? After all, you are the same person you were before that fateful day, aren't you? What is it like to be a walking-talking example of the shoe being on the other foot?

If you are gay, so be it. If you are straight, so be it. If you keep your job after all of this, good for you. But maybe next time you go to vote against basic protections for homosexuals, you will remember the discrimination that you yourself suffered, and perhaps you will choose to do the right thing.


yournamehere said...

Gay or straight, I don't want anyone engaging in sexual activities while I'm trying to move my bowels. Don't fuck in my bathroom and I won't shit on your bed.

Sysm said...

Fuck, Todd. That was going to be my response, word-for-word.

It's like we have this awesome connection. Like we're soul mates. Like we were meant to share the same stall.

yournamehere said...

So, Sysm, how wide is your stance?

Sizzle said...

very well said!

how can you keep getting cooler?

;) sizz

jiggs said...

I do care that he is gay because I want to imagine him doing it in a bathroom stall with george michael.

Übermilf said...

I also am bothered by the public bathroom aspect.

And he is so far in denial, he'll never consider himself one of "those people."

Justin said...

Amen, Brooke.

Also. This repression and dishonesty just makes me sad. My favorite episode of "Law and Order" is kind of about this, though with exceedingly popular teenage girls and murder. Heh.

thephoenixnyc said...

You make a ton of good points Brooke. Last week I posted that he should NOT resign as it would be good for the Gay community and teh conversation about equal rights.

And yes, if he does stay, he could never vote anti-gay again.

Scarlet Hip said...

Todd - that was so graphic I actually backed away from the computer.

Sysm - go on. Please. Continue.

Todd - go on. Please. Continue.

Sizz - I'm like fine wine. I get better with age.

Jiggs - I agree with you completely.

Ubie - I don't think public bathrooms are necessarily the best choice for a tryst, but would it bother people as much if it were between heterosexual adults?

Justin - I saw that one!

Phoenix - and as I said on your blog - I'm more bothered that he lied about looking for sex than actually looking for sex. I mean come on, we are all looking for sex.

Heather said...


Tits McGee said...

If anyone said anything after Sysm and Todd started blowing each other in the bathroom, I missed it completely.

Excuse me. I have some business to attend to now.

Nance said...

Bravo, dearest, bravo! But you give him way too much credit when you think he might remember.

He won't, you know. They never, ever do. It's like the fat girl who gets skinny and then makes fun of fat girls. It's a defense mechanism against fear and self-loathing.

Justin said...

Yeah. It's on again next Thursday. It breaks my heart every time. Check my old December archives for an assessment of it.

But then "Law and Order" also has the "Is this because I'm a lesbian?" episode. Funny, she's talking to Fred Thompson at the time.

matty said...

This post kicks major ass!!!

I've never had bathroom sex -- at least not a public bathroom. That doesn't seem very germ-smart. However, I don't guess the thought of someone else doing it really bothers me that much.

In college, there was always someone having it off in one of the stalls. It just made me laugh.

Toby said...

Nice! But I don't see him as a homosexual as much as I see him as a creepy pervert. I spend a lot of time in airports, especially Minneapolis (It's NorthWorst's home). So far in my 38 years I've yet to sit down on a toilet, now knowing one of America's finest (very loosely), it will be a cold day in hell before I do. He's lucky it was a cop he made the move on, if it were me he'd have been bloodied all over the bathroom and arrested.

Leezer said...


Well said. But there's one more thing. What are the Port of Minnesota Police doing spending taxpayer dollars trying to catch someone getting a handy in the john? Don't they have better problems to solve like - ahem - terrorism? Are airport bathrooms truly the Soddom and Gommorah of our times?

Bone said...

Some people feel that what goes on behind closed doors between consenting adults is really nobody else's business.

And "behind closed doors" does not include public restroom doors. *shudder*

Valley Girl said...

*Love* this post.

egan said...

Thanks for this post. This is what needed to be said in the media. Good work.