Friday, August 31, 2007

Finish It Meme

I found this "Finish It Meme" on my new blog discovery- I Read Banned Books by Cajunvegan. Not only is she a fellow educator and football fan, but she loves red wine, sushi, and procrastination. It's like we were separated at birth. Please visit her blog.

On with the meme:

My ex is still:
a dick.
I'm listening to: the soundtrack from The Mission.
Maybe I should: read a book instead of playing online.
I love: the feel of the sun on my skin.
My best friends: are smarter, prettier, cooler, and funnier than I am.
I don't understand: why Ryan Seacrest is allowed to live.
I lost respect for: republicans.
The meaning of my screen name is: the pomaceous fruit of the wild rose plant.
Love is: thicker than water.
Somewhere someone is: having sex on the beach.
I will always: wonder if my students will remember me.
Forever seems like: a really long time.
I never ever want to lose: my sense of humor.
Your mobile phone is: not to be dialed or answered while in heavy traffic.
When I wake up in the morning: I am grouchy.
I get annoyed at: shoobies.
Parties are: those things I never go to anymore.
My pet: peeves are bad drivers and bad grammar.
Kisses are: better than almost anything in the world.
Today I: had cramps.
I really want: to own my own home.
I live: on an island.
I work: in education.
I think: fairly often.
I smell: the ocean.
I listen: to old Bill Cosby albums when I am down.
I see: with the help of contact lenses or glasses.
I sing: really really poorly.
I can: play the flute.
I daydream: about buying the house I grew up in and restoring it to its former glory.
I fall: for accents and dimples.
I want: world peace. No seriously, I do.
I cry: at the drop of a hat.
I love: dark chocolate.
I sometimes: like to spend an entire day in bed with a book.
I fear: not living up to my potential.
I hope: I get the job that I interviewed for yesterday.
I eat: cake!
I drink: gin and tonics with extra lime.
I miss: being in love.
I forgive: Viggo for never calling me.
I drive: a nine year old car that I plan on keeping for another nine years.
I dream: of Jeannie used to be the ringtone on my cell phone.
I kiss: on the first date.
I hug: my students constantly.
I have: a tattoo on my ass.
I remember: the dress I wore to the first day of kindergarten.
I don't: have much tolerance for bullshit.
I believe: that everything happens for a reason.
I know: how to ask where the bathroom is in five different languages.
I hate: when people complain that they are bored.


ChickyBabe said...

"Somewhere someone is: having sex on the beach." Hmm... take out the beach reference and I think the same!

Sizzle said...

That bit about Ryan Seacrest made me laugh. Hahahaha! Somewhere someone is having sex on the beach and getting sand in their cooch. Ouch! Is it just me or did you quote a line from a e.e. cummings poem? (LOVE)

You're the coolest.

Justin said...

Sex on the beach is deeply uncomfortable.

Nance said...

Hey...among other striking similarities, I play the flute, too.

Scarlet Hip said...

Chicky - I only say that because I'm looking right at the beach from here.

Sizz - no, you're the coolest.

Justin - you may not be doing it right.

Nance - stop it. You're freaking me out.

~d said...

Freaks can find you thru other people, too you know? doesnt HAVE to be a google search!

Oooh! I totally LOVE (most!) of your answers! Have a wonderful (day? night?)

Princess of the Universe said...

I hope the interview went well- you'll let us know right?

I hate when people complain about boredom too - I can't remember the last time I was bored- who has the time?

All Mod Cons said...

Isn't hugging students a bit dodgy these days?

I had a really hot teacher when I was at school...I'm actually quite glad she didn't hug me, impromptu boners aren't great when you're 13.

Danielle said...

oh no, am i a shoobie if i'm going to a friend's house at the shore for a bbq? i hope not... after all, at least i'm actually from nj.

fingers crossed about that job!

yournamehere said...

yay. a meme for me to do next week. I've been out of material for months now!

Scarlet Hip said...

Tilde - freak! Good to see you again!

Princess - I promise to let you all know. I don't want to say anything know me and my superstitions.

AMC - I teach underprivileged six year olds. Hugs come with the territory.

Dani - you are from Jersey, you can't be a shoobie!

Todd - or you could just do a post abusing Nick, those are my favorites. And see, he won't even see this cause he never comes to my blog anymore. hehehe

cajunvegan said...

I remember everything about my first day of kindergarten. Thanks for the mention and the credit for the meme which I stole off my 18 year old cousin's MySpace bulletin. Separated at birth ... possibly we have way too many similarities. Are we the next Lifetime special?

All Mod Cons said...

Ahh...I'll just open my mouth to change feet then...

Toby said...

I don't hate, but I hate ALL other people

~d said...

Right on, sister! HAHAHA! My 'first' purchased ringtone was Yaz. And then my sisters told me it 'aged' me. Effers!

~d said...

i am linking you, yo

Justin said...

I've done it just fine. My skin is just sensitive so the sand fucks me up... and if I bring some giant towel, then I might as well not be at the beach.

Spinning Girl said...

1. I adore you so much right now!
2. I am so stealing this!

Scarlet Hip said...

CV - and we me through blogging, which puts that 21st century spin on things!

AMC - I like your feet just as they are.

Toby - that's a healthy and inspiring way to go through life.

~d - now my cell just rings. Does that make me seem older?

Justin - you are such a romantic.

SG - please do so, it's not like I don't steal from you on a fairly regular basis.

Rich said...

I was going to ask you for the phone numbers of these smarter, prettier, cooler, and funnier friends but then I realised you play the flute. Every girl should play the flute...

Mone said...

I'm glad you put that wikipedialink on shoobies... dreaming there would be a beach near here.

Hypersonic said...

stole this and did on my blog.

John said...

I like your blog, it’s always fun to come back and check what you have to tell us today.