Thursday, November 30, 2006

Top Ten Reasons Living Alone Sucks

1-10. Nobody to take care of you when you are sick.

Please send chicken soup.
Thank you.


thephoenixnyc said...

Awwwww, baby. You poor thing. Everybody I know is sick. Feel better brooklina.

Egan said...

11. nobody to argue with about making the soup.

Get well soon woman.

Übermilf said...

I would make you soup, but then I'd be all intimidated, knowing you're a chef and all.

Can I send a bottle of booze instead?

matty said...

If I could, I would come over and make heat up a can of chicken soup and massage your scalp. ...B did that for me several times in the last couple of the days. Bless him.

Feel better, babe!

yournamehere said...

Damn, get well soon, my dear.

I should send you a Derby Pie. You'd still be sick, but that's good eatin'.

Miss Browneyedgirlie said...

It's the little monsters again, isn't it?

I swear, everyone laughs when I say that they're germ factories, but honestly.

They so are.

They might be cute as all get out, but they cough and sneeze all over themselves, don't wash their hands, certainly don't use the big bottles of Purell provided by their parents that sit on the corners of their desks, and then, as if it couldn't be worse, the tap me on the shoulder with those germy appendages to ask for help.

Ah yes, the joys of teaching.

Even though this comment doesn't exactly ooze love, I truly love every second of the time I spend with them.

Feel better soon :)

Melissa said...

I'm trying to cram a big bowl of chicken tortilla soup through the computer, but all I'm doing is making a mess here. Feel better soon, Brooke!

Tits McGee said...

Awww, sweetie! I'm pouring matzoh ball soup through the tubes to you as I type. Get well soon, dear Brooke.

Nick said...

Boo Hoo.

Dan-E said...

no soup for you!

(get well anyway)

Mone said...

*~*****~~~*****~~~~~~*****~~~~***~~~~~~~********HEALING DUST****** *~~~~~~~~*********~~~~~~



**********~~~~~~~***~~~~~~~~~*~~~~~*~~~~**HEALING DUST~~~~~******~~~**

Flounder said...

I'm prescribing you a shot of Penis-cillin. It will cure what ails you.

--Dr. Flounder, MD (I know that it is repetitive, but let it slide.)

I thought that you were the Soup Queen? Can't you just whip something up real fast?

Christina said...

Not to get all Sex and the City on you, but here I go: this just reminded me of that Sex and the City episode where Samantha loves being single until she gets sick.

I miss you. :)

Cactus Prick said...

You too? You still better have dinner ready for me when I get home.

Nance said...

Crap! Binge on Vitamin C while you're at it if it's a cold. And don't be a hero, either. Stay home. They'll just appreciate you more when you come back.

miss kendra said...

i'm sorry!

i will send you soup vibes.

FindingHeart said...

Sorry about the illness. ...but you can stay home a read, do the net, and ...grade papers. :)

Short mention: I'm pushing on my teachers these days. Podcast (child reading records) for free with no equipment needed. yea!

Get well soon.

Miss Syl said...

Hain't got any soup, but if you're interested in tossed salad, my blog's serving some up today. ;-P

Okay, hopefully that made you laugh and didn't just add vomitousness to your illness...

Hypersonic said...

Virtual chicken soup on its way. Would you like some dumplings in that?

Loz said...

but the upside is that there is no one around to bug you when you're feeling crappy, or to get nasty about the fact that you're coughing all night and your bedroom turned into a tissue plantation.

feel better soon :)

Brookelina said...

Phoenix - being sick sucks. Thank you.

Egan - very true. Go make me some soup.

Ubie - no way, when I'm sick it's Campbell's Chicken Noodle or nothing. And don't forget the apple juice.

Matty - that would be so perfect! Get your ass over here.

Todd - considering I threw up a graham cracker, I'm thinking the derby pie would be wasted on me. Maybe later luv.

Miss B - you got it - and the names too. I always refer to them as my monsters and the germ factories. And damn those parents for sending them in sick!

Melissa - the effort is much appreciated. That soup sounds fabulous.

Tits - that sounds lovely. Or I could just curl up and rest on your boobies. That would work too.

Nick - dick breath.

Dan - go make me some soup!

Mone - that is just what I needeed.

Brookelina said...

Flounder - I love your prescription. Perfect. But it's difficult to whip something up real fast when you can't even stand up straight without wanting to vomit. And did I mention the phlegm?

Tinapal - your blog got hijacked by vaginas! And you're right, I am like most episodes of Sex and the City. Except for the sex part.

Prick - go fix me a turkey pot pie.

Nance - I left early on Tuesday and they were devastated. I took off Wednesday, and they were little angels for me on Thursday. Well, almost all of them.

Kendra - any vibes from you are a good thing.

FH - I will be sure to check it out post haste!

Miss Syl - you do know how I feel about poop right?

Alistair - yes please.

Loz - I can't believe you said that! If you could have seen my room - crumpled tissues rolling around like tumbleweeds on the open plains. I'm still finding them, I think they mated.

ChickyBabe said...

That's cannibalism where I come from!!

Miss Syl said...

No, how do you feel about poop?

Sysm said...

Heya sweetie.

Feeling any better yet?

The Dummy said...

Aww, sorry to hear Brooke. Forget chicken soup. I guess I'll have to send Viggo over.

Spinning Girl said...

Here, let me make you some soup.

From a can, but still, it's soup.

mernitman said...

Seems you've gotten plenty of soup here, so... Got tissues? Lozenges? Warm socks? PJs you can be all sloppy in? Extra pillows? Tea w/honey and lemon? Ice cream? Netflix? Good reading light? Some Chekov?

Hope so. Just checking. xx B.

Thérèse said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh I hope you're not sick anymore!!

I know exactly how you feel. Boo on being sick and home alone. I'm sending good vibes your way, even though I'm sure you're all better now and don't really need them.

Monkey said...

Banana Soup is on it's way.

I finally started to feel better today. Do you have the itchy, sneezy, wheezy, mucus laden, chills and thrills illness?

I'm going to keep you warm by snuggling in your armpit.