Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Loz's Meme

This is a brand new meme from Loz. She made it up herself. Clever girl! I'm sorry you felt left out, Loz. I solemnly promise to never let it happen again. I also thank you for giving me something to post. At the moment I'm feeling about as clever as a houseplant.

On to the meme.

1. Can you tell me your whereabouts on the evening of April 38th, 1991?
Yes, I was conducting experiments on my Big Bang theory.

2. If you could have named yourself, which name would you have picked?
Mrs. Brad Pitt.

3. What was the 29th book you read?
"It's Potty Time for Boys."

4. In your opinion, who was the hottest Apostle?
Paul. No wait! George. Definitely George. He was way hotter than Paul.

5. Dude, where's my car?
At the BMW dealership - where it will stay until I can actually afford to purchase it.

Thanks Loz! I am now officially tagging everyone who reads this.


JJ said...

1. Grassy knoll.
2. Jesus Christ Superstart Rolling Stone Bad Mothah.
3. How to pick up girls, 29th edition.
4. Harriet.
5. Parked in a tow away... wait, being towed.

gone said...

1. Tralfamadore, on an extended holiday.
2. Vincent Vega
3. Joel (not really but I thought it was clever...29)
4. Rufus, duh!
5. For sale in my company's parking lot. Anyone want a 1986 Volvo with 396k? Thought not.

JJ said...

Quick JJ: How many t's does SuperStar end with?

Anonymous said...

1. I was in Cognito trying to fit in, but nobody would pay me any mind

2. Yourself is a stupid name, I'm not even Jewish...

3. the 29th book I read was Syd Field's 'Screenplay', coincidentally it was also 1 through 30 and then I burned it

4. when I get sexually excited at biblical figures I know it is time to put away my Pop Up New Testament...but I must admit, that Simon is one sexy motherf...

5. I saw your car being manhandled by a walk-on Six Feet Under actor, who works the valet at BOA Steakhouse, and yes he did sniff the leather seats

im here somewhere said...

1. in the laundry room of my drug treatment facilitys lock-up ward kissing billy madison

2.Poppy Jo Prissypants

3. Star Wars "its all a big trick to get all your money"

4. Ya, im pretty sure it was Ringo Star

5. Sitting in the front yard of my evil Repo-mans house.

jazz said...

1. obviously learning how to read a calendar

2. aida idda adda

3. hm...probably a nancy drew mystery.

4. so with you on george...

5. with the idiot who bought the piece of crap from me on craigslist. yeah craigslist!

yournamehere said...

1. That was the night they drove ol' Dixie down.
2. Millionaire McHugecock
3. "How to Ballroom Dance in Seven Easy Steps," by Adolph Hitler.
4. Tawny Apostle is the name of a Hooters girl in Vegas. She's pretty hot.
5. It's currently backing over anyone who had anything to do with that movie.

Oh, a personal note to Mo: I think orphans should be sold to Saudi oil barrons and forced into indentured servitude. What do you think about that?

Anonymous said...

1. Cruisin' (not for boys)
2. Joey Joe Joe Jnr Shabbadoo
3. Where's Waldo?
4. Me
5. Parked in the rear end of the car in front.

Brookelina said...

You guys are great! I'm rolling here. And kudos to Jacob for coming up with Vincent Vega. Can't believe I didn't think of Hunny Bunny from Pulp Fiction! I loved that.

Brookelina said...

Actually, all the names are cracking me up. And I think I answered number 5 wrong. And I don't care.

Anonymous said...

1). I was a cheeky little bastard locked in my room discovering how certain body part felt good to touch. lol
2). Rexus
3). Financial Accounting , The impact on Decision Makers.
4). Hottest Apostle? we will burn just for thinking about this one. lol
5). My car is sitting patiently on a lot for me until, I figure out a way to knock out the patrol dogs and steal it.

Rob Danger said...

I'd rather watch Paul and George make-out rather than choose. Call me crazy.

yournamehere said...

Flesh, George is dead. You are crazy.

MoDigli said...

m u s t r e s t a t e q u e s t i o n s . . . . .
(sorry that's the teacher in me! What a dork I am. I can't think strait otherwise!)

1. Whereabouts on Apr. 38th, 1991 - sitting atop a mountain completing a 4 day religious fast.

2. My name would be Salome

3. The 29th book I read was "Where Did I Come From?" (It had really great cartoons of chubby parents-to-be doing it in their bed.) ***YNH - Here's your chance to say something so I will you call you a.... yeah, y'know.*** hehehe...

4. the hottest apostle was Judas. I always go for the bad-boy rebels.

5. Dude, my car is sitting over at the mini lot, waiting for someone to buy it for me!

MoDigli said...

YNH ~~ I know I'm asking for it, here. But, you'll have to work harder than orphans being sold to Saudi Oil Barrons. I will not give it up that easily THIS TIME!

bwah ha ha ha

yournamehere said...

Okay Mo, how about if the orphans were wrapped in smallpox-infested blankets?

By the way, people who don't know what's going on think I'm the world's biggest asshole.

Brookelina said...

Ruben...you are a naughty naughty boy. Send pictures.

Mo and YNH - white slavery? Not on my blog!!!!

The rest of you - so glad I did this blog. And where the hell is Loz!! This was her idea!

yournamehere said...


Brookelina said...


MoDigli said...

YNH ~ You see MY GOAL is to have someone ELSE call you a name! hahaha.... :o)~

MoDigli said...

... but I'm just too nice for that, you bastard, you!

im here somewhere said...

oh my god! I remember that book "where did I come from" I loved it..Im gonna find it and get it for my daughetr tomorrow.

yournamehere said...

Thanks, Mo. I was about to break out some stuff that would have had an angry mob assembled at my door by morning.

Brookelina said...

Is that all you wanted? Someone to call you names? Well damn, I would have been happy to call you names. Boogerbreath. Farthead. Poopypants. Pimplebutt.

Oh stop crying, you sissy mary.

yournamehere said...

Brooke, aren't you glad we're both thirty-nine? Assface. Buttnugget.
Doodybrain. Waffleneck.

joanne said...

Okay, I HAD to check the counter and see the 4 visits from Brunei. Good grief! I wonder if it is who you think it is? LOL!

Harley Quinn said...

hahaha...I didnt know you wanted the answers posted here. LOL. I put them on my blog. Woo Hoo...i'm having a moment!!

Anonymous said...

1. Unfortunately I was helping my mother die of cancer.

2. I would have loved to be named Elizabeth. Mother almost named me Elizabeth but chose another name. I love the one I was given, but Elizabeth would have been cool.

3. The Castle of Otranto.

4. I'm not into all of that bible shit.

5. In my driveway, thank God.

Loz said...

i'm laughing my arse off!! thank you all for answering the dumbest meme ever, your answers were truly better than my questions deserved!

you all rule.

MoDigli said...

I like buttnugget! hahah...! You guys are silly.

FOUR from Brunei!? Woah... ! I definitely think it's that hot brookalina pic that is doing it!

See, Brookalina! How do you like the dark side of fame?! You're being stalked by the Bruneian paparazzi already!

Don't you feel hunted?! ;)

Anonymous said...

Brooke - You have a good turn of phrase and enjoy writing don't you? Well, have you had a look at our collaborative writing group at Hand Shandy?

LocuTus of Borg said...

1. Determining how to take over the world with Legos
2. Ultimate Supreme Ruler of the Universe
3. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - lot of info about running the universe
4. Who? lol
5. Parked somewhere in the myriad of mall parking lots and because its white in color, can't find the f*cking thing!

LocuTus of Borg said...

Hi Brooke - linked through your blog through Jo-Anne's - just wanted to say hello. Isn't Florida great?

Brookelina said...

Jo and Mo (hehe I like that) - Brookalina takes no prisoners. Especially when they are trying to take her away from Brad.

LA - loved yours!

Sunny - I was almost named Elizabeth too!

Loz - about time you got here!

Brookelina said...

WBB - I had no idea you were all doing a blog! I can't wait to check it out.

LOB - I love your Lego answer. And another Floridian! I don't know about great, but damn it's hot!

YNH - pants pisser.

Harley Quinn said...

Elizabeth is my middle name - and my maiden last name is Taylor. Mom had jokes.

Major7 said...

1. My whereabouts? How the hell should I know. I was drunk!

2. Mr. Brad Pitt (sorry Brooke, he's single at the moment so all's fair in love and lust)

3. "How To Sober Up in 12 Easy Steps" Now I can remeber almost everything since 1993, except for where I put my damn keys!

4. Brad

5. "Beam me up Scotty!" Cars are so last century.

Ayn Marie said...

1. Can you tell me your whereabouts on the evening of April 38th, 1991?

well, let's see...that would make me...12. probably trying to hold hands for the first time with some random boyfriend...

2. If you could have named yourself, which name would you have picked?

I always liked the name Paige

3. What was the 29th book you read?

Cookie monster and the cookie tree

4. In your opinion, who was the hottest Apostle?

I'd have to say paul was pretty dang hot

5. Dude, where's my car?

unfortunately, right outside, parked in the street. someone please come steal it...I hate it so much.

Nick said...

Can I play?

1. Me and my manservant Umberto were searching for Incan Gold. Unfortunately, both of us were under the impression that the Incan People were from Wisconsin. So, yeah, no gold.

2. Starbuck McGillacutty of Nazareth

3. The Teradactyl Whisperer

4. Were there any chick apostles? Can we make some up? In lieu of any female apostles I'm going to say James the Greater.

5. My car is in Gitmo waiting to be brought up on War Crimes.

Christina said...

I enjoyed your Angel post. I especially liked the candy story. I stole money out of my own piggy bank. My mother had saved it since I was born (1974 quarters) and I spent that $2 on a big bag of candy. I figured, it was mine, and I should be able to spend it as I saw fit. I got in trouble. Ehhh, good times.

Brookelina said...

LA - Liz Taylor, love it.

Major - hands off Brad. I'm warning you!

Ayn - cookies!!!

Nick - no gold, but lots of cheese.

Christina - I guess it's a rite of passage to steal money from our parents - or in your case - yourself. lol

Major7 said...


Don't make me mud wrestle you and Angelina over Brad. It'll get messy!