Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Finding Brooke

hmmmm..wonder where Brooke isI just love my site meter. So much interesting information to be gleaned from it. I find it fascinating to see how people happen upon my blog. In the last few weeks, people out of the blogosphere have arrived through a number of interesting internet searches. Most of the non-bloggers found me through Google, unless otherwise noted. I thought I would share these with you now.

Bernard Pivot Questionnaire - twice. So how come they didn't answer my questionnaire?

Angelina Jolie + Bernard Pivot Questionnaire - once. Bet that was surprising.

Maloney's Margate Closing (or similar such words) - five times. There will be more of these as the closing date grows closer. For those of you googling and finding this now -Labor Day is the blowout goodbye party. Bands, porta-potties, barbecue - see you there.

Brooke - twice. The fact that this site comes up on page two of a search for "Brooke" is kind of odd, don't you think? Granted, both times it was done on MSN - I probably still don't even rate on Google.

Brooke Burke tits - once. MSN again. Probably the same guy. I imagine he was more than a little disappointed when he didn't find Brooke's tits here.

Brooke + NJ + chef - once. Should I be concerned about this one? I'm thinking yes.


R. U. Serious said...

I showed up under "play boy bunny" today, and you already saw the good ones from the last few days.

im here somewhere said...

your tits are way better than brooke burks. ooops, did i sat tits? sorry.
i dont know how to do that site meter thing but it would be interesting to see who reads my crazy shit.

gone said...

My site meter tells me that I've been pimping myself on Yahoo, MSN, and Google. I don't understand how it works, per se. But the concept is exciting. And I'm on TWO Blogrolls (count 'em, WOO!), and you are one. THANKS!

JJ said...

That last guy is probably looking for some pretty serious payback for a bowl of soup gone wrong.

I found you through "Pritest Gurl in F-L-A"

And Brooke's tits are on your site. Just not Brooke Burke's.

Melanie was here said...

How do you get this information? Mine just tells me how many peeps stopped by, and their URL.

How goes school prep?

Brookelina said...

RU - I'm thinking there are many interesting keywords that would bring up your blog.

lilred - that's it, keep saying tits. My blog needs more tits.

Jacob - you are such a slut. But in a good way.

JJ - you sure do talk good. Except the part about the soup. I may have to sic Ubie on you for that.

Mel - when you get to your sitemeter page, go to the left side and click referrals. It tells you how people came to your page. It's way cool!
School prep is exhausting and nerve-wracking. But exciting and cool too. Thanks for asking! :)

Brian said...

wonder if you'll get any from Kashmir? or Lance Armstrong? OR Lance Armstrong wearing kashmir?

yournamehere said...

I found your site via Brooke + Hottie + Cleavage (remember your original profile pic, the one you took down because I'm such an asshole?).

Brookelina said...

Brian - now that would be funny!!

YNH - you are not an asshole and that's not why I took it down! I just changed photos so I wouldn't see my dorky shiny face everytime I posted. At least this one is a little more incognito.

JJ said...

I miss that original foto. I like your face. Please don't sic Ubie on me, I just got back to good with her. Even if she did think she was dying because I was being nice.

im here somewhere said...


hey i wanna see that original photo...i dont think i ever saw it. i should probably know what my lesbian lover looks like dont you think??
oh, and ill need a picture of your tits too.

JJ said...

And I'm going to need a picture of the two of you. I am her SMB, after all.

The Moviequill said...

I still come here for B. Rooke but I can't seem to find him anywhere

Evil Petting Zoo said...

did you do the paid version of sitemeter? believe it or not i found your blog by googling for: hot, bosom, flasher of men in boats that go by her window.

im here somewhere said...

jj, whats a smb?

smokin male bitch

single malt boobies

seeing master bater

slutty manly britches

?? im waiting

Anthony said...

My best search so far is the recent "Why David Caruso so unpopular"

Lo Lo Lova said...


Stalker Man-Boy

Single Male Boyfriend

Searching My Brain

Starving My Body

Suck My B...

JJ said...

Super Model Boyfriend.

And love your new picture.

JJ said...

Does anyone know what happened to Jo Anne?

God said...

Is Brooke Burke still alive? I miss her on that softcore porn E! late night show. She's kinda hot. Rumor has it she was a Playmate.


Brookelina said...

JJ - and a fabulous SMB you are. Jo-Anne left a message for me to email her through MoMo, but she's fine. Not sure all the details yet.

MQ - goof.

Evil - liar!

Anthony - how many millons of hits did you get?

Lo Lo - so descriptive!

god - another anonymous commentor. Where do you all keep coming from?

Brookelina said...

hey god - you wouldn't happen to be from Brunei, would you?

MoDigli said...

Yeah, we want the guy from Brunei to leave a comment!!! Come on Brunei!!!

I think Brunei found you through a "brookalina" search on google! :)

The Dummy said...

Yeah, how about dedicating a post to the Brunei guy to get him to post a comment?! He'll be famous! :)

Neil said...

The internet is so weird. I googled "Brooke chef Florida cat Kashmir likes Lance Armstrong" and I ended up at! And eh -- not that impressive.

God said...

God isn't anonymous. He's just a cowardly God.

Great, now my cover has been ruined

God said...

Nope, I am from the land of coffee and computers.

Brookelina said...

MoMo and DD - I don't want to write a post to my friend from Brunei - I might scare him off!

Neil - not impressive? Somehow I doubt that.

Egan - is this a god complex or are you just embarassed to admit you watch softcore porn?

God said...

God here, Egan's embarrassed to admit he watches Scinemax.

im here somewhere said...

supermodel boyfriend...oh i get your gay??

super magnificent boobies

thats my smb

JJ said...

No... Not GAY. Boyfriend of SMG, so very NOT GAY. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Ahem.

Brooke - let us know something when you find out about Jo-Anne. Right now I'm thinking cyber stalker.

Brookelina said...

JJ - you'd be right. That's all I should say.

Crystal said...

I sometimes have "site meter envy" when I see stats like yours. 100 hits a day, visiters from all over the world--that's really great! I think I have about 3 or 5 regular readers.

Brookelina said...

Crystal - half of those stats are no doubt from me. The various countries are from the "next blog" button. Except for Brunei. I think the Sultan is courting me to be one of his wives.