Tuesday, July 19, 2005

How You Doin'?

I'm going to be 40.

I'm single.

No kids.

I rent.

I'm starting my third career.

How'm I doing?

See picture.


JJ said...

Are you kidding me? You're doing great. Look at that rack!

JJ said...
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JJ said...

You're happy which means the right kind of man is soon to be attracted to you. And I will have to kill him.

Kids are highly over rated.

Mortgage = huge commitment. You're free to roam and follow that star.

You have the courage and talent to be starting your third career. Your life is an adventure.

Turn that L upside down, girl. You're doing 7!

Luv, SMB

PS - Oh, yeah, and you got a super model boyfriend.

im here somewhere said...

um, what am i chopped liver? i thought we had this beautiful lesbian relationship.sniff..sniffle

yet you are unhappy with your life?? what does this mean for me??sniffle sniffle...

im here somewhere said...

btw, an actual tear just fell down my cheek.

yournamehere said...

If it makes you feel better, someone of the opposite sex who's also pushing 40, isn't married, has no kids, rents, and never got around to choosing a career has a blog-crush on you.

Uh, that would be me.

Brooke, I've worn the "looz tattoos" before. It's nothing a lot of boozing and debauchery can't cure. I'm rambling.
Carry on.

Egan said...

Hey, I would agree with Jeff on the kids thing. I am married sans les enfants, but we get asked all the time about them. "When are you two going to have kids?" Think of all the money you are saving because you don't have kids.

At least you have had three careers. I can't figure out one career, by the way.

Anonymous said...

I'm pushing 40.
I have kids.
I own.
I'm in a career that I hate (and trying to start a new one on the side).
I'm married but sometimes wish I weren't.

Sometimes I'd kill to trade spaces with a "loser" like you!

Übermilf said...

the grass is always greener...

I think you are lovely and intelligent, and therefore could never be a loser.

Neil said...

By "L" do you mean "loveable?" Or is it "lovely?" Or "luscious?"

Although, I was sort of hoping it meant "Loose Woman."

A man can fantasize, can't he?

You Can't Afford Me said...

Not trying to compete or anything, but...

I'm 34.
I'm single.
I have 1 child.
I live with my mother (ugh!)
I lost my job last August and am still unemployed.

My life sucks (except for the part about my daughter, she's the bestest).

Evil Petting Zoo said...

you're way to cool to ever be a loser. i'm 32 and starting life over....details conveniently left out. you rock and if anyone says otherwise flash them.

Anonymous said...

Are you miming a starter's pistol?

im here somewhere said...

lol, anthony, are you on drugs?

Anonymous said...

I knew we were separated at birth (I got the straight jacket, you got the scented pampers).. I will be 40 mid August, I rent, I am on my third career (owned music store for 11 years, sold vintage advertising for 7, now starting off writing seriously), no offspring but where we differ is someone has their hooks in me (married)

Anonymous said...

Let's turn it around like this:

You're going to be 40! (as opposed to 6 feet under)

You're single! (congratulations; you aren't married to the wrong guy)

You don't have kids! (which means you can come and go as you please, spend all your money on yourself; and if you ever change your mind you can adopt)

You rent! (which means you can move anytime you want to a better place)

You're starting your third career! (which means you are a highly creative, talented and adaptable SURVIVOR)

How are you doing now? Better than a whole lot of other people IMO.

Now blow out those candles, but make one hell of a wish first! And don't be surprised if it comes true.

Anonymous said...

The world is your oyster.

darth said...

wait, isn't that the tomb raider chick doing an "L" for lara?

40 is in my rear view mirror, the future is still ahead. i think thats you coming up on the left passing me :P

Marel Lecone said...

Loser--No, you're not! You have freedoms. That is so great. There alot alot of people out there that have your list. And, you know what? They work all year to get a week or two away from it all. So, don't sweat it at all. Be happy with your position just like I . . . have . . . to . . . be . . . happy . . . with . . . mine. [sigh] :) hehe

Gordy said...

Happy 40th, I'll tell you what if all 40 year olds looked liked you, us 37 year olds would be in seventh heaven. From what I can see you are pretty well adjusted, have not seen much in the way of baggage.

Some guy is gonna be well lucky when he lands you, he is gonna think all his Christmas' have come at once.

Anonymous said...

lilred- No drugs. The loser sign kinda looks like someone miming a starter's pistol.

diadima said...

miming anthony?

i always had suspicions that you were a drama geek. mostly because of your movie/tv obsession oh yeah, and that drama class that we took together last year.

Neil said...

Wow, your blogger friends really love you. (but gossip about you behind your back(

gone said...

No, no Brooke. You trust me, don't you? You are NOT a loser. OK? Cased closed.

bert said...

day two of self pity.. must.. end now.....OK here's a deal you can trade with me for a week and have a house, kids and a hubby (you dont have to have sex with him, I'll save you that) and I get to be single in FLA!!!!!
OR it seems you can go visit vegas

Anonymous said...

Hey! You are not a loser. You're funny and a great writer as well. We all love you.

Anonymous said...

Dia I am a bit of a Drama geek.

MoDigli said...

Brooke, Brooke, Brooke!!!

What is causing all of this, my dear?! Don't be so down on yourself.

You also:

- don't look your age because you are SANS husband! (your words, not mine. 'member?)

- hiliariously funny and witty and charming.

- look pretty hot in a bikini

- are the adventurer extraordinaire!

- have a prince from Brunei stalking you

- get to be Brookalina

- will have 100's of kids to love and nurture thru your 3rd career.

- write a blog I'm addicted to!


And if it makes you feel any better -

I'm on my 2nd career
I'm 35
no man
no house
no kids (but I do have 2 guinea pigs)

God - now I feel like shit. Thanks. Alot. really. Hmmmm....*sniffle*

Cincysundevil said...

1. You don't act like your age and that is a damn good thing. I don't act that way either and I regularly have 25 y.o. swear I'm only like 27 or 28; I know you get the same thing

2. You're hotter than a $2 pistol. You've still got it going on!

3. You're working and you're looking for what makes you happy. I'm on my 2nd career and going on to my 3rd soon. So I'm right there with ya!

4. You don't have any kids so when Mo calls you to hit Vegas with her on a weekend, you can go sans guilt.

5. Plus, you still have all of us guys still drooling over the bikini pic.

6. And ... you've got the best group of blogging buddies on the face of the earth (if I do say so myself, we're pretty damn good!!).

Sounds like a decent setup to me!!

im here somewhere said...

brooke are you coming back today?

TrueJerseyGirl said...

Nah, I think you are doing just fine. Who says you have to do certain things at certain times? You are just a woman of her own mind. So there!

Shan'Chelle said...

Oh please Brooke...you have to know how fabulous you are deep down :-) You actually remind me of my best friend and she is fantastic. Anyone who calls my best friend a loser has to answer to me....ok not so scary (or maybe it is?) Wait a minute, was this blog just a ploy to get a whole lot of compliments? Just the fact that you succeeded (even if that wasn't your intent) should tell you a lot :-)

Melanie was here said...

Wow, look at this outpouring of support. You do rock! I don't hang out with "losers" even on blogworld! I think you just need to pour yourself a strong martini and head out to the pool!

Nick said...

C'mon Brooke, chin up. You're still my featured blog.

You are Blogger Profile # 9699967

But you're # 1 in our hearts!

Thomas said...

Life could be worse, much worse.

You should read my blog for a pick-me-up.

Brookelina said...

Wow, I did not expect such sweet sentiments. I thank you all. And I should probably explain this post:

1. I've been having "one of those days" for the past week. Just in a funk I guess. Probably exhaustion from family bullshit - and it's that time of the month (sorry guys, I know how you hate hearing that).

2. While at time we all feel like losers - at least I think we all do - I tend to compare myself to others my age which makes the times I feel like that come more frequently.

3. #2 is probably exasperated by the fact that I can't help but feel that others view me this way. I probably should have written "How others view me" as opposed to "How'm I doing?". On a daily basis I get the "Do you have any kids/Are you married?" double whammy. And when they hear no, and then no again, they wonder what's wrong with me. Sometimes I want to say I'm divorced, just so I don't get the looks. I'm finding that it's especially bad in the educational profession - it seems EVERYONE is married with kids.

Anyway, it was so nice to come home to such wonderful comments. What a nice group of people I've found! Thanks gang. :)

Van! said...

So Brook! baby! I love the name.. I do, so no kids... 3rd career... not a loser! However... if you look like that picture at all...no matter how cartoony it is.. I would nail you good :-)

I noticed your terror level is at bert and Ernie! On my blog, second post down... well, lets say I bet you would enjoy it! I have exclusive pics of Ernie doing naughty things!

Spirit Of Owl said...

And I've just turned up late... But Brooke, you're funny, loved, bright and free of ties. I know teachers by the way, and there's a good number of them who're jealous to hell of your life!

MoDigli said...

Hey Brooke ~

Mingling with the 'oh-so-settled' and 'safe' is a job hazard for those of us in education, isn't it? Get used to that one! You'll find yourself with lots of women who got married and started having babies in their early 20's.

I say YIKES! I never envied that. I'd always had stuff to do that seemed more fun to me. And I think you did, too!

Evil Petting Zoo said...

I'm telling you....me...Mo...you...and all other bloggers have a convention in vegASS?!

The Dummy said...

Brooke! I think the 40 other commenters who just left a tidal wave of support says it all! Now who wouldn't be happy having those kinds friends by your side?! If you're a loser then I wanna be one too! :)

im here somewhere said...

snifle sniffle

i love you brookeipoo

Gordy said...

Not sure if I missed that you were gonna be a teacher, that's a great vocation. You and Sunshine going the same way, that's pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

Now see you're gonna make me get all Doctor Phil on your ass. lol You're not a loser. Don't define your life according to some cookie cutter existence created by other people.

im here somewhere said...

good one ruben.

Neil said...

If that picture is supposed to be you, then you have the biggest index finger I've ever seen. How can you be a loser with something as special as that? Just be careful when you point at people.

I've never seen so much love coming back to one person from just one post. We're all feeling like losers compared to you.

Evil Petting Zoo said...

ruben come to vegass with us!

Brookelina said...

It's funny, I almost tore down this post. I was embarassed to admit that I felt so bad about myself, even if it was momentary. I didn't expect so many comments - and I didn't expect them to be so kind and supportive. I'm a sucker for kind and supportive. So I am leaving this post as is, and any time I feel crappy, I will read these comments and remind myself to quit being a whiny-ass bitch and to count my blessings.

Thank you one and all. You are good people.

joanne said...

Brookie, you are very popular here for a reason. You're funny, intelligent and very likeable. I wish I had as many commenters on my blog! Btw, I am 35 (soon to be 36), divorced (worse than being just single, I think), have a child growing up in a broken home, own my house (it's a money pit), and am unemployed right now! You're life sounds good but you really should consider a trip to Vegas with me and Mo.

gone said...

Who is that Van guy? Nail you good? Who talks like that?

Anonymous said...

Don't be so hard on yourself.

At least you haven't resorted to flying in guys for sex that you met from your blog.

Scared Bunny Blog – Now With 10% More Bacon!

Brookelina said...

Someone wants to nail me? Is that a good thing?

Neil said...

Enough already! Is Brooke really this wonderful? Brooke this, Brooke that. She cooks! She's funny! She's good-looking! She has nice boobs! Surely, someone has something bad to say about Brooke. She's turning into Mother Theresa here. Does she pick her nose? Does she burp in public? Please... someone say something negative about her!!!

Brookelina said...

You steal JJ from me and then you have the nerve to insult me!!! Go back to your bolo you homewrecker!

Neil said...

JJ and I had little chemistry. He was shorter than I said. And I didn't like the way he ordered the most expensive dessert -- and then didn't even finish it!

Please, people, come back and sing your praises of the beautiful Brooke! There's never enough love in the world!

Like in the Jerry Lewis Telethon, let's see if we can't move that board up to 100 comments!