Monday, March 19, 2007

Brooke TV - March Lineup

This month's list of keyword and phrase searches that landed people here at the Babbling Brooke Network.

Food Network
  • Coffee And Cigarettes Breakfast
  • red rose earl grey
  • help shaping cakes
  • a good weekend plan

The Learning Channel

  • slutty summer clothes
  • speedo
  • uk wollaby
  • moment of apostrophe
  • sweep my house of bad karma
  • teach my ass Brooke
  • "my fairy tale" + gay

Discovery Channel

  • hanky panky tattoo
  • quotes "but enough about you, let's talk about me"
  • sandcastle sucks
  • receding hairline panic middle
  • reasons why living alone sucks


  • lineup penis
  • why do people walk around naked at night with their blinds open?
  • hot juicey stories
  • the Behind brooke Bedroom door Movies

FOX - also known as the network that will put anything on TV if it will make money

  • kinky snowball hetero guy girl
  • sympathy barfer
  • the boob deck
  • slut wife nutsack
  • ive been a bad girl send me to your room
  • to my future husband

The 300/Gerard Butler Channel

  • 300 greece innacuracies
  • sparta 300 boobs
  • gerard butler 300 steroid
  • gerard butler steroids
  • 300 sex movies
  • "300 movie" sex scene
  • sex slave of the spartans
  • sparta underwear
  • 300 movie abs
  • leonidas 300 first movie
  • spartan sex - I'm getting about a dozen hits a day from this one, at least. Yes people, they did have sex back then.
  • 300 this is madness sparta line
  • 300 movie abs fake
  • gerard butler age difference
  • 300 movie review sex
  • i'm sick of gerard butler - I did not say this. It wasn't me. I just want to make that clear. Cause you know, Gerard could be reading this.

There were more, but it's gotten to the point that almost every search on the internet lands here. It's getting a little scary.


G3T Films said...

Your last post was so cute.

This post, um, well cute doesn't exactly describe "300 movie sex scene sex slave of the spartans sparta underwear"

yournamehere said...

Osama Bin Laden.

Now your blog will show up on searches for OSAMA BIN LADEN.

MKD said...

so wait you didn't post anything about being a sex slave to the spartans? I feel so cheated.

jiggs said...

i should start watching fox!

Princess Pointful said...

I am happy to know that wollaby is my doing.
My blog gets mostly lame searches. Lately everyone has been loving and searching cherry blossoms. Lame.

Though I did once get "huge fanny" as a result of my partial ode to the fanny pack. Yes! *pumps fist*

Flounder said...

teach my ass Brooke




Cactus Prick said...

Try posting the word "femcan" on your site. That will get you a gazillion interesting hits.

Ask me how I know.

Brookelina said...

Rich - I know. But I loved that I come up for all those.

Todd - I wonder if it will come up for Osama sex slave?

MKD - I just posted that I had a dream about being a spartan sex slave. I didn't describe the dream. I don't think I have to.

Jiggs - like you don't already!

Princess P - give it time, soon you'll be coming up for just about every pervert's search that can be imagined. This barely scratched the surface.

Flounder - and that has come up about a dozen times. Please, just email me next time.

Prick - well now it's on my site, so thanks for that. How do you know?

Nance said...

at least there were an even number of boobs in sparta.

Melliferous Pants said...

I get a lot of "pros and cons of living alone" search phrases. I'd stay and chat but I'm off to figure out what "lineup penis" is all about...