Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A Meme For The Ages

Anthony, of Tranglin' to the Oldies, is now not just famous for grabbing his bits and pieces. He has written this incredibly creative new meme. A meme for the ages. I suspect Anthony may have been dropped on his head when he was a toddler.

What is the best part about not being French? (If you are French, what is the best part about not being German?)

Not having to remember which words are masculine and which are feminine.

If Lou Reed called you an "uglybutt" how would you respond?

I would kick him in the balls.

Which Canadian Conservative is funnier looking, the squirrel-headed Stephen Harper, or the muppet-faced Peter McKay?

I admit I had to google these two Canadians. Americans do not generally pay attention to anyone else on the planet unless they are attacking us. I'm going to have to go with McKay. He looks like he got his head caught in a vise.

Have you ever been called a communist or a nazi?

No, but if somebody did, I would kick him in the balls.

Have you ever watched The Antiques Roadshow?

Of course! I'm a geek and proud of it. The best was the one where the guy had a little box from Russia that his grandmother had left him. They told him it was priceless. Everyone was gasping, oohing and aaaahing. The guy said, "What's that mean? I can't sell it then?"

Create an original three step plan to solve the impending oil crisis.

1. Put me in charge of the world.

2. I will then turn garbage into fuel.

3. Problem solved.

Feel free to tag yourselves. Or not.

**Please go visit Monkey's blog. He made a special video just for me and it is fabulous. Fabulous I tell you! Don't miss it. And please send bananas. To Monkey, not me. Thank you.


Calzone said...

yeah, I thought you would put up a new post after that.

Anthony's Meme is so freaking hot right now!

Melliferous Pants said...

I heard Calzone is chemically castrated.

Zombie Lou said...

Lou Reed loves chemicals almost as much as he loves his balls.

Zombie Lou said...

Lou Reed Says: you are an uglybutt nazi communist.

Brookelina said...

Cal - I love this meme. And I love Monkey's video for me. How come you never do stuff like that for me? It's cause I'm flat chested, isn't it. Bastard.

MP - do tell!!! Remember, if you don't have anything nice to say, come over here and sit by me.

Brookelina said...

Lou Reed - stop talking about yourself in the third person you drugged out tool. Consider yourself kicked in the balls - if you have any.

Übermilf said...

For the record, Calzone was castrated by placing rubber bands around his testicles. After a while, they simply fell off.

I thought Lou Reed was dead. Or does he just look/smell that way?

Melliferous Pants said...

If you don't have anything nice to say, come over here and sit by me.

I once said that to a person at a party who was saying a lot of really unkind things about the people at said party and she FREAKED out on me like you'd never believe.

But since you said so, the women I work with are wearing down my every last fucking nerve. There's one that constantly sings in a very loud voice, like we all want to hear it. She also says things like "OH, snickerdoodle!" when she gets angry, instead of cursing. Then other bitch went off about calling a customer service line that had been outsourced to India. She went on to describe how she was a ROTTEN BITCH to the poor Indian person who was trying to help her. It made me so mad, globalization is not the poor Indian persons fault. Sheesh.

Brookelina said...

Ubie - I was under the impression he had never had a penis at all. My bad.
I thought Lou Reed was dead too. Now I kind of wish he was.

MP - some people have no sense of humor. We should say unkind things about them. We should also take people who say "OH, snickerdoodle!" and lock them in a room with Lou Reed for eternity.

Bill said...

I did the meme too. Though I'm not sure why. By the way, I think from now on whenever I seem some poor bastard take one in the gonads, I'm going say, "Damn! He got Brooked!"

darth said...

why am i imagining you wearing thigh high boots?

boo said...

u lucky girl Brooke, getting that Monkey Love! *hugs to u* speaking of kicking someone in the sack, please checkout i'm not spamming u sweets, i'm just feeling rather good, having settled an old score :)

Dan-E said...

certainly one of the more creative memes i've seen, since i've never really given any thought to why i'm thankful i'm not french (or german).

also, i'm thinking brooke has a fetish for kicking guys in the balls.

lou reed is dead. kinda like keith richards is technically dead. only difference is no one remember lou reed.

Jill said...

The idiot who didn't know "priceless" just gave me a priceless laugh. As did your reiteration of the ball-kicking. Super.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing the meme brooke. I know I am loved.

Lou, why don't you go jump off a bridge or something? Nobody likes you.

Neil said...

I thought you were going to say that you would solve the oil crisis by kicking the CEOs of the oil companies in the balls.

Firs the middle finger, now this. I love a feisty woman!

Brookelina said...

Bill - I've never kicked anyone in the balls in my life. I don't know where all those violent thoughts came from.

Darth - shoulda known me in the 80's.

Boo - I am honored to get the monkey love. Honored I tell you!

Dan - if he wasn't dead, I'd definitely kick him in the balls. What a jerk!

Jill - I'm not really a ball-kicker. Ball buster yes, kicker no.

Anthony - you know I love you. Especially when you are holding your package.

Neil - dammit! That should have been my number three! Neil, you always come up with the right stuff.

Jaxe said...

WOOHOO! I got my weekly heckling from Brookie ;-) Awwww. How are ya doing, girl ! Hope all is well. It wouldn't be a week, if you weren't busting my **** *affectionate hug*

Anonymous said...

Yo, Brooke baby! The "Whiteboy" has had too much too drink and wants to propose his bigamous hand in marriage to you.

Sorry, but you need someone to take you under their wing and I think I am the man for the job (especially after the Steelers done you up a treat last weekend!).



Zombie Lou said...

Nobody likes Lou Reed?

This makes Lou Reed sad.

Brookelina said...

Jaxe - you get way too much adulation from all of your blog ho's. "Oh Jaxe, your abs are soooo hot...your ass is soooooo cute...." If it weren't for me busting your balls each week your ego would be the size of the former Soviet Union and twice as oppressive.

Bob - bigamy! There's a lifestyle I hadn't considered before! I'm so very flattered!

Lou Reed - nobody likes you. Ok, that's not true. I actually have a post named for you. Although now that I have gotten to know you I'm ashamed of that.

Melliferous Pants said...

Thank you for not chasing me away after I left a comment long enough for a post on my own damn blog

MoDigli said...

ha! I hope you're wearing boots when you get ready for all that kicking, Brooke! :)

Egan said...

Lou Reed - are you channelling Bob Dole sans the Viagra?

Zombie Lou said...

Lou Reed's voice isn't as low or angry as Bob Dole's.

Lou Reed is much hotter than Bob Dole.

Daphnewood said...

Brooke, I have been reading your blog for just a couple of days now. It is some really funny stuff. I mean, sure yeah, lots of talk of ball kicking, but really funny ball kicking. I really hope you don't mind me crashing your party. I think my favorite thing I read so far is the brother/blind date.

Brookelina said...

Pants - I would never chase you away. Are you crazy? I will always think of you when I hear someone say "snickerdoodle."

MoMo - I wish I still had my 80's thigh highs.

Egan - don't encourage him.

Lou Reed - well done. Well done.

Daphnewood - please don't think I always go on about kicking balls. It's been rough down here in Florida and frustrations must be taken out somewhere. Better here on the blog than the real world....except for that whole flipping the bird to the cop thing...