Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Brooke TV - February Lineup

Yet another list - I never tire of these - of recent keyword and phrase searches that landed people here at the Babbling Brooke Network.

  • "american girls" "morally bankrupt"
  • i stole some shoes from a friend of mine
  • munich american high school blogspots
  • lesbian prisons

  • Lifetime
  • i feel bad for stealing money from my parents
  • husband mama's boy
  • how to "decline a lap dance"
  • my exboyfriend is asking for pictures of us? what does that mean - it means he's going to post them on the internet, you dumb twat

  • Playboy
  • fill my twat
  • titless and very thin
  • "songs in the key of sex"
  • kiss the cook apron penis

  • Travel Channel
  • cool places london
  • blogspot bikini
  • bikini hot blog
  • This is Sparta

  • Cartoon Network
  • babblers buffy
  • johnny pipewrench
  • sweater vest fairly odd parents
  • dog ate homework

  • MTV
  • i've been a bad bad girl song
  • there goes my hero
  • blind date no call
  • hot woman over 22 years old tits to fff tits

  • On Demand
  • brooke needs
  • viggo girlfriend
  • accidental flashing

    Spinning Girl said...

    sweater vest fairly odd parents


    Bill said...

    My favourite is Lifetime: "how to "decline a lap dance." What kind of world is that person living in?

    I must say I also liked the prisons one and the apron thing.

    For my blog, the one that still intrigues me is the search for "The buggering bishop." How did they land on my blog for that? Perhaps I should pay more attention to what I write.

    jamwall said...

    i broke the code!!

    it says: "brooke needs viggo's girlfriend for accidental flashing"

    yournamehere said...

    How to decline a lap dance?

    "I don't have any money."

    Leezer said...

    kiss the cook apron penis is my favorite.

    Brooke - you must have forgotton that piece about going to a restaurant and, wanting to commend the chef on an outstanding meal, accidentally tripped on his apron string and your lips grazed his penis in a kiss-like fashion before you fell on your ass. That one.

    Mone said...

    I like *lesbian prisons* :)

    Me Crabby said...

    maybe in the next life?

    Bone said...

    it means he's going to post them on the internet, you dumb twat


    Oh, and sorry about the lesbian prisons. I had no idea that would bring me here O:-)

    Flounder said...

    "American girls" "morally bankrupt"

    As opposed to the high morals of those Mexican chick donkey shows and Vietnamese girl happy ending massage parlors.

    And don't even think about touching my nose Brookie!

    Melanie was here said...

    Man, that accidental flashing shows up every freakin' time!

    miss kendra said...

    i SO TOTALLY want a fairly odd parents sweater vest.

    Übermilf said...

    Fill your twat with what?

    G3T Films said...

    I thought "songs in the key of sex" sounded like such a good title I had to look it up. I realised something was amiss when I read the Directors name, Chi Chi La Rue. Nooooo, there's no-one named Chi Chi La Rue, Nooooo, wait, it won a Gay Erotic Video Award... maybe that's why I've never heard of Chi Chi La Rue.

    Actually, It's quite a fun name if you say it out loud... Chi Chi La Ruuuue.

    Melliferous Pants said...

    I've been aching to hear "songs in the key of sex".

    Brookelina said...

    SG - oh wow, does your dad come here? I hope he didn't read the twat stuff.

    Bill - Lifetime TV is a "woman's network" so I figured that's the place for that show. The buggering bishop should definitely go on the Playboy channel.

    Jamwall - no no no! I'm Viggo's girlfriend!! hehe...that oughtta freak out the searchers.

    Todd - that's going to be a very short show.

    Leezer - I used to be a chef, so in actuality it can be much more sordid than anyone could imagine.

    Mone - how many have you been to?

    Tad - perhaps. But don't go thinking this is some sort of suicide pact.

    Bone - but it brought you to me, so that's all that matters.

    Brookelina said...

    Flounder - I think the "American girls" "morally bankrupt" search could possibly be my favorite of all time.

    Melanie - seriously, I get no less than a dozen hits a day from that. I'm still number one! Try it for yourself!

    Kendra - I am going to find one for you then.

    Ubie - I'm laughing too hard to answer you now.

    Rich - now I'm going to be number one for searches of Chi Chi La Rue.

    Pants - I love it when you ache.

    Sysm said...

    How to decline a lap dance:

    "Can you break a five?"

    Toby said...

    My key words sound like "female ejaculation" Why beat around the bush? Next is "my van is stuck on high idle." Third, you will never guess, "how can i get into my escort without keys."

    G3T Films said...

    Dang... I had this whole thing about Chi Chi La Rue but blogger wiped it...

    Hmmmm... Um... Chi Chi La Rue is a fun name to say...

    G3T Films said...

    Huh? No it didn't wipe it... how weird... I hate blogger... but I don't hate saying Chi Chi La Rue...

    egan said...

    TiVo is great.

    thephoenixnyc said...

    Missing Channels:

    History Channel
    Science Channel

    Oh wait, that's MY geeky list.

    Toby said...

    Half of those are mine. :)

    matty said...

    I find these endlessly interesting.

    ...folks find their way to my blog via searches for "cocks, horses, Streisand, noses and big gay penis" ...odd, that.

    and, at the same time, not really so odd.

    Naynayfazz said...

    I've said it before and I'll say it again... people search for some fucked up stuff. "Fill my twat"? Um, okay. That is just as good as a recent search on my blog. The person searched, "fucking my mom". Maybe that was the same person?

    Tits McGee said...

    kiss the cook apron penis

    I. Must. Have. One.

    ChickyBabe said...

    how to "decline a lap dance" - is the word 'no' so hard to say?