Thursday, June 07, 2007

Brooke TV - May/June Lineup

I haven't done a "look at the freaks who come to my blog" post in a while. Actually I haven't done any posts in a while. I've been tied up (hehehe....ok I'll stop) with paperwork for the end of the school year, preparing for my move back to NJ, packing my classroom, packing my apartment, applying for jobs, saying good bye to friends, and playing Super Bounce Out. I realize that none of you really give a shit why I haven't blogged, but I still feel the need to explain myself. However, I am unable to explain most of the following keyword searches. My theory is that we are all going to hell. Be sure to fireproof your handbasket now while you can.

how do you know your a sociopath
what do you say when the one you thought you loved gets married?
never advise plastic dick gave a proper love - I don't know what this means but I came up number 1.
i will be your favorite girl i've been bad
if you was in charge of the world what would you do - I would teach you proper grammar.

The Gerard Butler Channel
gerard butler underwear
gerard butler penis
gerard butler gay
gerard butler's girlfriends
gerard butler income
is gerard butler secretly married

ABC - All Brooke Channel
does brooke have to take a bath?
brooke in background boob out
brooke you
how do you know if you brooke your leg?
"brooke bond" texas
fucking my ex brooke - cause once you go Brooke, you never go back.

Food Network
what's the difference between calzone and stromboli
difference between calzone and wedgies
i have too much on my plate
flounder poems

sex movies on blogspot
my butty
sex thieving girls punished
strangest sexual fantasies
cute dick eater
both sexes fuck - this search came from Korea. Don't both sexes fuck there?
fat naked overeaters on you tube - most disturbing about this...I came up number 1.

Titty TV - new!
beautiful creepy-crawly boobs
accidental boob flash
titless blog
"look at these tits"
tits mcgee - woohoo! they did this search under images. I'm sure they were shocked to find a picture of Gerard Butler scratching his ass.


jamwall said...

the lifetime channel schedule is usually this:


darth said...

damn, I saw the blog topic in Google Reader and thought you had done a Youtube video of yourself :(

Übermilf said...

Do you need to take a bath? Do you?

thephoenixnyc said...

New Jersey awaits you.

Well, they blew up the chicken man in philly last night
Now, they blew up his house, too
Down on the boardwalk theyre gettin ready for a fight
Gonna see what them racket boys can do

Now, theres trouble bustin in from outta state
And the d.a. cant get no relief
Gonna be a rumble out on the promenade
And the gamblin commissions hangin on by the skin of his teeth

Well now, evrything dies, baby, thats a fact
But maybe evrything that dies someday comes back
Put your makeup on, fix your hair up pretty
And meet me tonight in atlantic city

Well, I got a job and tried to put my money away
But I got debts that no honest man can pay
So I drew what I had from the central trust
And I bought us two tickets on that coast city bus

Now, baby, evrything dies, honey, thats a fact...

Now our luck may have died and our love may be cold
But with you forever Ill stay
Were goin out where the sands turnin to gold
Put on your stockins baby, `cause the nights getting cold
And maybe evrything dies, baby, thats a fact
But maybe evrything that dies someday comes back

Now, I been lookin for a job, but its hard to find
Down here its just winners and losers and dont
Get caught on the wrong side of that line
Well, Im tired of comin out on the losin end
So, honey, last night I met this guy and Im gonna
Do a little favor for him

Well, I guess everything dies, baby, thats a fact...

miss kendra said...

i love this feature.

jungle jane said...

My word...and you call me a freak??

G3T Films said...

Hahaha, "how do you know if you brooke your leg?" Your bones are bunt!


I care why you haven't been blogging. Not a great deal, but I do.

egan said...

"cute dick eater" This is how I always land on your blog late at night.

jiggs said...

I think if I get the third tier extended channels with dish network, I might be able to get these brooke tv channels!

naynayfazz said...

Wow, someone else is a cute dick eater besides me?! I kid, I kid.....

You are moving to NJ???? I live in NJ. Oh snap! :)

brookelina said...

Jamwall - and now I'll be number one for Golden Girls too!

Darth - not likely, but at least now I know who the google reader is.

Ubie - my bathtub and I are as one. Meet me tonight in Atlantic City.

Kendra - me too! I like to know what the freaks out there are thinking.

Jane - ahem. Yes.

brookelina said...

Rich - tell me more about your bones.

Egan - I like it when you get all pervy. Should I dance around and sing for you too?

Jiggs - you should demand titty tv this instant! Call your cable company now! I want my titty tv!

NayNay - I am a Jersey girl, born and bred. Next week I'll be returning to the motherland for good.

egan said...

Um, only if you're in your car with a very hideous pair of sunnies on. Make sense? Hey, do you like American music?

brookelina said...

I'm all about American music dude.

naynayfazz said...

Hey, since you will be in the motherland soon, maybe you should come to the blogger get together! It is August sometime. Email me (my email is on my blog) and let me know if you want to come.

yournamehere said...

"Never advise plastic dick gave a proper love" was Arnold Schwarzenegger's first ever on-screen line.

Sysm said...

They tried to revive "Golden Girls".

But, due to incontinence issues, they had to change the title to "Golden Shower Girls."

Eww. Just. Eww.

Nance said...

i've always said, you're nothing if you're not eclectic.

what do you use to get this info? my feedburner stats aren't this complete.

Tits McGee said...

i will be your favorite girl i've been bad

That was totally me.

Also, I'm delighted that a search for me leads to you.

Let's make out.

matty said...

I wonder what Gerard's ass rash is all about?

...maybe he needs a bath!

Pink said...

'fat naked overeaters on you tube - most disturbing about this...I came up number 1.'

I came up number 2 :(

you're a hoot.
good luck with the job hunt.

Anonymous said...

I have a theory... none of us are going to hell because we are already in it

Princess of the Universe said...

I just did this, and am shocked and delighted at how many "spanking" and "breast" searches result in my site...

I must be doing something right! :)

GrandPooOfAwesome said...

Sounds like you needed some recovery time after the end of school year you had. Thank god I didn't even have to move rooms this year. Hooray!

BV said...

sex thieving girls punished

Cause I don't know anywhere else on the internet where they are punished more than here.

brookelina said...

NayNay - I'll drop you a note. Can we have this thing on the beach?

Todd - was Arnold in a porn flick?

Sysm - that was just wrong. Wrong wrong wrong.

Nance - try getting a sitemeter. I love my sitemeter, yes I do.

Tits - despite the fact that I am totally straight, and so are you, the thought of making out with you makes me hot.

Matty - I think it's time for me to order a bathtub for two.

brookelina said...

Pink - thank you! Come back soon!

MQ - I think you're right. Only in hell would leg shaving be a requirement.

Princess - you go girl! And I'm still number one for accidental flash!

Poo - now I just have to move. And find a job. And start all over again. I'm tired just thinking about it.

BV - anyone gonna try stealing my sex, you better believe they are gonna get punished!

Flounder said...

Cute dick eater?

Monkey said...

I am Red Rose Tea. And I have too much on my plate. I am the one who searched for those items on your blog. I confess. That and the... creepy-crawly boobs.