Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Love Danny: Part II

Last year I received a bunch of emails from Danny of Danny Don't Go. Because they were all about how much he wanted me, I immediately compiled them into a post for my blog - cause I'm shallow like that. In case you're thinking that it's indiscreet of me to post emails from men, please know that Danny was thrilled to be exposed in this manner - cause...well... he's shallow like that. So thrilled, in fact, that he has graced me with yet another perverse adoring email. And here it is, for your reading pleasure. Enjoy.



you know that you love me
even if i freak you out
you know that you need me
and you know what i'm all about

so take of your shirt
and take of your bra
remove, please, your skirt
against this, there is no law

now i shall digitally penetrate
and you shall digitally moan
in real life, you can masturbate
even if I can't...**groan**

i swear i've never had cyber
I have yet to virtually cum
I'm getting plenty of fiber--------------(it ryhmed, leave me alone)
and now you must want some----------(just typing this is giving me a bone)

So saddle up to your keyboard
And remove your playtex please
I promise you won't get bored
You dirty cyber tease



Ok, I'm done, how was I?
Was it as good for you as it was for me?
I'm sorry for cumming on your virtual thigh
I can't control it with one hand on the keys.

Well, that sure was fun
Even if it lasted just a minute
Remember me when you want some
And we'll digitally "do it!"


Danny, it was indeed good for me. Oh, and happy birthday! Here's your present.


danny said...

you know, for not having to really write a post, it took you forever to post this.

that being said:

i want you.

yay! number one...and even on my birfday!!

horray for me.

brookelina said...

Danny, it took me so long because I needed some "alone time" after reading this. You understand.

Actually you don't. Sorry about your repressed sex life.

danny said...

yeah, thanks a ton for pointing out that i can't perform any self pleasure acts on...myself

oh shit

Princess of the Universe said...

That may have been the most romantic thing I've experienced? seen?

Hypersonic said...

Oh bOy! I got some great tips on that site brooke.Thanks!

Danny, your a cock-a-roach

matty said...

Ah, sweet romance!

Wow. No one ever sends me such sweet nothings.

...unless I count that gentleman who lives on 16th Street.

...he wants to do all sorts of unmentionable things to me. ...if only I would give him a dollar.


brookelina said...

Danny - all of your readers know about you inability to pleasure yourself. I just thought that my readers should know about it too.

Princess - yes, it was quite romantic. If you're on various medications.

Hyper - I am always looking for ways to help others.

Matty - Danny's that cheap - and cute too! If you give him a dollar I'm sure he'll do just about anything you ask.

Dan said...

ah, so that's how high the bar is set.

G3T Films said...

Danny makes my teeth hurt!

jiggs said...

this kind of grossed me out.

Tim said...

I don't want to burst any bubbles here, and I have no idea who Danny is, but he sent me this same poem last week.

miss kendra said...

danny wrote me a poem once.

you obviously are very special to inspire such prolific gems.

Think Frustrated said...

I think Danny is just a tiny bit creepy.

That said, I hope he can eventually rub one out to a crappy Cinemax soft core porn film, like most boys do for their first...


Sandra said...

My birthday is I get love? ;-)

brookelina said...

Dan - yes, low enough that just about anyone with feet could jump over it.

Rich - he's that sweet!

Jiggs - kind of? How about totally?

Tim - so how did it go with the Playtex removal?

Miss Kendra - "special" is a word that has often been used to describe me.

TF - I think Danny is completely and utterly creepy, but I still love him. Well not love - tolerate is a better word.

Sandra - careful what you wish for.

danny said...

you know, i'm not creepy.

i'm just weird. and people think i'm a creep.

and i wear tampons.

jazz said...

i have half a dozen poems as well. all funny, if not a bit sick.

i'm not sure how this guy has time to work!!!

too funny....

jazz said...

maybe i should publish mine too.

makes for an easy post ;)

Nance said...

yikes. this is one thing i'm glad we DON'T have in common...

Bill said...

Heaven's to betsy ... after all this time it appears I have fallen among wankers.

G3T Films said...

No, he keeps drilling me in the mouth!

Janet said...

Danny, I'm sending you a cleaning bill. I just spewed coffee all over my keyboard.

Übermilf said...

I don't enjoy this sort of filth.

Dan said...

Awesome. Glad I still have my feet.

Leezer said...

Hi Brooke:
Nice link. I'm glad I wasn't at work.

The Moviequill said...

Now I see why Hallmark was hiring again

Tits McGee said...


Monkey said...

Ahhh... I enjoyed this stroll down memory lane. I remember oh so fondly the drunken email from Brandon, the poems from Danny and now a new one! You must feel so cherished.

And your present to him is perfection. Perfection I tell you!