Thursday, October 13, 2005

Que Sera, Sera

When I was just a little girl
I asked my mother
What will I be
Will I be pretty
Will I be rich
Here's what she said to me
Can't you see I'm busy? Go play in traffic or something.

Que sera, sera
Whatever will be, will be
The future's not ours to see
Que sera, sera
What will be, will be

When I grew up and fell in love
I asked my sweetheart
What lies ahead
Will we have rainbows
Day after day
Here's what my sweetheart said
Holy shit, you're not pregnant are you?!?

Que sera, sera
Whatever will be, will be
The future's not ours to see
Que sera, sera
What will be, will be

Now I have children of my own
They ask their mother
What will I be
Will I be handsome
Will I be rich
I tell them tenderly
I am your teacher, not your mother. Stop calling me mom and go practice your spelling words.

Que sera, sera
Whatever will be, will be
The future's not ours to see
Que sera, sera
What will be, will be


The Moviequill said...

totally off topic, but somehow I could find a place for it, I just read the Bonfire blog entries...loved them

ash said...

Hey Brooke! O, the co-hinky-dinks.
I just turned 40.
You're 40.
I just wrote about my love of my time as a "Jet" during a young summer theater stint.
You mentioned Officer Krupke.
You meme.
I follow your memes.
Thanks for stopping by Ashvegas! I love what you're doing here.

Jaxe said...

Hey, I'm no Doris Day fan, but I don't remember her doing those alt lyrics in concert ;-)

LOL! Hi Brookey.


Bill said...

Well, Jimmy Stewart might have a thing or two to say about those lyrics (but I think Alfred Hitchcock would enjoy them.)

Having made that oblique film reference, I wish I were a kid in school and you were my teacher. Not only would I get a great education I think I'd have a helluva time tormenting you. :-)

Seriously, I could not do that job. They'd have me trussed up on my desk with my underpants on my head in five minutes.

Neil said...

Doris Day is way too sweet. I like my women with edge. I'm sure Doris Day never got a tattoo in Amsterdam.

Egan said...

I've got nothing. Que sera sera!

Nick said...

What do you mean I never visit you?

Gregg said...

Hmmm. Me thinks Brooke needs a vacation, a young hunky dude, and a stiff drink. ;-) -Gregg

The real me said...

Cool post, Brooke!
I think we probably have a similar sense of humor.

Calzone said...

I often cry out "mommy" when I am kicking the midget.

BamaGirl said...

good lyrics. now you just need some of those funny 50's pictures with the crass captions.

Nick said...

is kicking the midget the same thing as firing off some knuckle children?

Übermilf said...


Knuckle children?

Doris would be appalled.

Brookelina said...

Apparently I was having technical difficulties on my blog and nothing was showing up. The horror!!! Seems to be back in order now.

MQ - they are fun aren't they? I really do need to add some stuff there.

Ash - birds of a feather. How did you find me anyway?

Jaxe - her concerts would have been much more entertaining if she had!

Bill - that image will be forever burned into my brain whenever I see your photo.

Neil - or got chased by a hooker carrying a machete.

Egan - whatever will be!

Nick - I am so happy to see you back! Don't leave me again!

Gregg - you've only just arrived and yet you know me so well.

TRM - que sera sera!

Calzone - is that a euphemism for spanking the monkey?

Bama - I should have added more graphics dammit!

Nick - is that a euphemism for spanking the monkey?

Brookelina said...

Ubie - my thoughts exactly. Doris must be rolling over in her grave.

Wait, is she dead?

Edgy Mama said...

Hey Brooke,
I'm a friend of Ash's. I saw your meme on his blog today and had a small world moment. I called him and said, "OMG. That's Brooke who flirts with Neil all the time on Citizen of the Month." So, I only know you from Neil's site, Ash only knows Neil from my site, and, ummmmm, now we kind of all know each other.

Brookelina said...

Edgy Mama - I'm the Brooke that Neil flirts with!!! I don't flirt with him!

Well maybe just a little. Shhh....I fear the wrath of Sophia.

Small world!!!! Nice to meet ya!

darth said...

whoa..your blog was totally blank this glad to see it back..phew.

Brookelina said...

Darth ya big stud! Always watching out for me. I have no idea what happened to my blog today. All better now!

gone said...

I tried to comment all day, but I guess I just need to persevere. I'm such a quitter. Glad you are back up and running. And they're only your children if you are a teacher over sixty and you call them your "little kiddies!"

Anonymous said...

i hate you you cheating bitch!
sniffle, sniffle i will never love another woman as long as i live...

im here somewhere said...

wow, that person has issues..

love you futures not yours to see...CAUSE YOU CHEATED ON ME!


Ruben said...

OK! You put in work with this post. It's really funny, a bit disturbing, but still funny.wzzfq

Brookelina said...

Jacob - it warms my heart to know that you were worried about me.

lilred - you say whore like it's a bad thing. You know I love ya babe, I was only checking out her ass.

Ruben - well I'm funny and I'm it fits me.

officer krupke said...

I gotta catch bad guys. Que sera, que sera.

Spirit Of Owl said...

That's one of the most depressing songs in the world. After Johnny Logan's "What's Another Year."

Calzone said...

I don't spanking the monkey a euphemism for beating my dick like it owes me money??

SkyeBlue2U said...

LOL! Love it!

im here somewhere said...

so, you love me for my sense of humor then?

Marel Lecone said...

Please don't say she's dead! :)

Whatever will be, will be . . . good words. :)

R. U. Serious said...

FYI: I'm not going to do it.

Brookelina said...

Officer Krupke - thanks for dropping by.

Owl - come on admit it, you laughed.

Calzone - I was wondering if you actually spank the monkey. You two do seem inordinately close.

Sky - thank you!

lilred - and your smooth pooty of course.

Marel - now I'm afraid to actually google her and find out if she's dead of alive.

RU - good to know you are thinking with your big head and not your little one - at least this one time.

R. U. Serious said...

There is still a story. But I am using common sense.

WhiteBoyBob said...


Brookelina said...

RU - tell me more.

Bob - where the fuck is your blog!!!!!

R. U. Serious said...

I'll be posting the story tonight.

WhiteBoyBob said...

Brooke, my blog lives. I had a bit of an accident (mentally) last week.

RU Serious I love that picture.

FRITZ said...

Hilarious. Hil HARRY ASS. I loved it.

Kris said...

Bahha ahahahahah haaaaaa. Excellent.

I'm not tagging you, but would love to see your list of shamefully shaggables. Just saying.

Neil said...

"The Night Brooke's Blog Went Down" -- a night we we all remember for the rest of our lives.

Brookelina said...

RU - love the story. I'm so proud of you.

Bob's back Bob's back!!!

Fritz - thank you!

Kris - I told you, I'm shamefully shallow. I only want to do beautiful boys (I'm not saying I can get them, only that I want them). But I will think about it and maybe I'll come up with someone who is not impossibly gorgeous that I would shag.

Neil - how could you possibly have noticed when you are on vacation with your wife? Perv!

Calzone said...

When I view your photo at full size I can see your nipples. I can't sleep at night anymore baby.

Brookelina said...

Eat your heart out, you scaly little beast.

The Humanity Critic said...

lol I love it.

Kris said...

Alright, you have bought yourself some meme tag time.

I so wish I looked like your uploaded 50s photo. Only I wish I could wash my hair every day.

Girl With An Alibi said...

I think I will singing this new version all the way home tonight.

Nick said...

It is a euphemism for the act of onanism, brooke.

Brookelina said...

Critic - thank you!

Kris - I'm working on the meme now - with a few alterations...

Girl - just TRY to get it out of your head!

Nick - you can go blind doing that ya know.

Travelin' Tracy said...

I liked this poem. Just today I was thinking, "I'm not your mom, I'm your teacher, pick up after yourself!" Thanks for making me smile.