Friday, January 18, 2008

Cable Lineup December-January

I know I haven't been blogging much lately. I'm not going to make excuses other than to say I've been busy. Being an international superspy is arduous work. Something had to give. And so the blog suffers. But alas, that hasn't stopped the freaks from tracking me down via keyword searches. Thank goodness.

The Food Network
  • boiling point of tampico juice
  • fat women stomping on grapes
  • men are like grapes
  • what will make me go poop?
  • you are the last drink i never should drunk
  • sticky toffee pudding in new jersey

The Discovery Channel
  • what means museltov
  • gay siblings
  • virgo indecisive
  • top 10 reasons why sex sucks
  • what is my relationship destiny

E! Entertainment News
  • "gerard butler's home"
  • gerard butler ass pic
  • viggo girlfriend
  • gerard butler penis
  • gerard butler rude

  • human for sale cup size
  • almost famous tattoo

  • video thin titless
  • ball kicker girl fetish
  • windows naked flashing
  • accidental flash
  • circumcised men with his teeth rhyme
  • flashed on purpose
  • bolt upright and the erections
  • songs in the key of sex
  • i'm an exhibitionist flash
  • accidental flash girl


Spinning Girl said...

Ahh yes... yes. Bolt upright and the erections has been quite an issue for me lately, also. I can't get a lick of sleep. What does this mean for my relationship destiny?

yournamehere said...

Can we hunt down some of these people and smack some sense into them?

Übermilf said...

Maybe Gerard Butler wouldn't be rude if he didn't flash his ass so often.

Spinning Girl said...

Actually, I just remembered ...

Bolt Upright and the Erections was a heavy metal band in the 80's.

Spinning Girl said...

OK, I was just kidding, and it turns out I was right.

Scarlet Hip said...

SG - I am so not the person to ask about relationships. I pity the fool who came here for that advice.

Todd - most of them probably work in your store.

Ubie - I've tried to talk to him about this, but he doesn't listen. Typical man.

SG - I was going to comment after that one that this would be a great name for a band, and then I found out it was already a great name for a band. I don't know if they were any good, but I'd see them just for the name.

G3T Films said...

I'm sick of that accidental flash programme. It's been on for too long. At first it was fresh, witty, and included boobs. Now the scenarios just don't seem 'accidental' any more. Still includes boobs though, which is good, but not gooder than accidental boobs!

Bill said...

I'm fascinated by the idea that someone is searching for "fat women stomping grapes" and "circumcised men with his teeth rhyme," but more importantly, I'm pleased that the Internet brings you Canadian visitors like myself who can tell you, as someone originally from Ottawa, that Bolt Upright and the Erections (more commonly known as Bolt Upright and the E's) were from Ottawa. "Bolt Upright" was Mike O'Reilly, the original morning man of CHEZ-FM, an Ottawa radio station.

Where else but the Internet can you expand your knowledge like this? And yes, it's a great name for a band. Unfortunately, though from Ottawa, I couldn't tell you if they were any good. I just always loved the name.

Tits McGee said...

I prefer toothless, uncircumcised men rhymes.