Sunday, December 09, 2007

New Books for Class

Social Studies: Home and Family

Describe a family and give examples of your own!

Families differ in lifestyle and role expectations.

Sex Education:

Helpful guides to reproduction.

Send these books home to be read with the family!

Health & Wellness:

How to deal with problems and conflict resolution.

The dangers of alcohol.

Teachers' Guide to Behavior Management.


Übermilf said...

I don't believe those are real books at all.

This blog is a sham.

Justin said...

I like the Berenstein Bears one the most, because those bears were so hopelessly square. And they didn't even have names! It was just "Brother" and "Sister." WTF?

Also, Brooke, today's my 300th, so there's a pretty picture up there for you.

Sizzle said...

"mommy likes box"


Think Frustrated said...

:) But you skipped all the ones about pooping.

Bill said...

Now THIS promotes literacy! (Although, perhaps, more adult literacy ...)

egan said...

I want to read these books to my daughter. They seem much more interesting than the ones I'm currently reading.

yournamehere said...

There are dangers involved with alcohol? Lies!!!

jiggs said...

i heart fake books.

Melissa said...

There is no better descriptor than "perfection" for those titles. Except maybe "friggin' brilliant!" :)

Bone said...

LOL Those are great. My fave: "Run Away From Home: Your Parents Will Thank You"

OK, people are approaching. I'll have to explain why I was laughing out loud.


Nance said...

Oh my. How UNteachery of you. But you would finally reach The Total Child.

Scarlet Hip said...

Ubie - it's a yam sham.

Justin - I like how terrified they look. I mean, it's upsetting to see how terrified they look.

Sizz - it's straight and to the point. Well, actually it's just to the point.

Jacob - everybody poops!

Egan - liar. You would never expose your child to such sacrilege.

Scarlet Hip said...

Bill - literacy is literacy...

Todd - from the man who spends his days surrounded by lushes.

Jiggs - I heart fake boobs.

Melissa - I wish I had come up with them.

Bone - blame me. Everyone else does.

Nance - I believe no child should be left behind.

TC said...


God, those are great!!!!!!!

TC said...


God, those are great!!!!!!!