Saturday, October 13, 2007

Cable Lineup September/October

The most recent set of words and phrases that landed unwitting freaks to my blog/cable network.

The Discovery Channel
  • what is museltov
  • help! i'm being ostracized at work
  • i'm a girl 18 never really dated till blind date how could i lose my virginity that way
  • What other haircolor would a medium brown haired, brown eyed girl look best in?
  • can a sociopath be loyal and honest
  • does the ubie create a strong smell (you'll have to ask the Ubermilf herself, but my guess is the smell is lovely)
  • Nick Sucks Ass (Hey Nick, your mom was looking for you)

Gerard Butler TV

  • does gerard butler like women in vests
  • gerard butler's buzzcut
  • gerard butler womanizing
  • Gerard Butler pectoral implants
  • gerard butler butt pic
  • gerard butler nude pix
  • gerard butler's penis
  • gerard butler and his enormous penis (Gerard, I'm number one for this one - you owe me)
  • gerard butler said i'm not gay
  • want to fuck Gerard Butler
  • does gerard butler have a tattoo?

Scarlet Hip TV

  • frog hips
  • what is a little wild rose hip for
  • There goes my hip!
  • rosehip gin
  • rose hip bush
  • hip middle names
  • scarlett's big butt

Halloween Channel
  • outer space vixen costume
  • seams around hips mermaid
  • James Bond vixen costumes

  • i know i've been a real bad girl
  • chloroform soaked rag
  • i want to get a tattoo for my future husband
  • getting a buttler

The Nature Channel

  • organic condos post comments
  • i´m sorry i flush you fishi
  • prickly rose
  • wild rose plant

The Travel Channel
  • A village in Texas is missing its idiot
  • shit to do at 5:55 on a tuesday in florida
  • sydney hip restaurants
  • florida keys cigars
  • florida sucks hurricanes crocodiles
  • satans slaves bradford
  • man diego
  • henky penky amsterdam
  • biker bar amsterdam

The Learning Channel
  • spelling bubbie
  • frog scorpion fairytale
  • knock on wood ocd
  • education power words
  • the name of my future husband
  • the giving tree shel silverstein tattoo


  • cake fucking
  • fucking cakes
  • titty tv
  • stop obsessing over porn
  • " l is for luscious"
  • augment penis
  • what places guys like to be kissed
  • scarlett poem's twat
  • crack my future
  • boobs xx tv
  • accidental nudity at the beach
  • pelosi boobs
  • bras and oops they did it again


just me said...

i could only imagine the words that bring people to MY blog...

they're probably all rated X.

...and bitchy.

Bill said...

My favourite has got to be, "what is a little wild rose hip for." Isn't that what we all wonder? But who has the answer?

And the "satans slaves bradford" ... like adding the "bradford" was a necessary qualifier. As if, "satans slaves vancouver" would be different somehow. Anyway ...

Very entertaining.

jiggs said...

"getting a buttler" was the title of an booty centric porn I watched a few weeks back.

Tits McGee said...

Mmm...cake fucking.

Anonymous said...

Ugh... "Pelosi boobs" is seriously the worst one.

I'm all about the liberals, but Pelosi is no GILF.

Justin said...

When the hell did you say Pelosi blog?

Valley Girl said...

I miss having the Playboy channel. You've made me rethink cancelling it. =)

Melliferous Pants said...

"can a sociopath be loyal and honest"

That was me. I've been thinking about my ex.

matty said...

Well, you think it odd -- I was quite surprised when I landed on your site during my search for augment penis.

...the thing is -- it is just too damned big!

anyway, no answers on your site!

I always get a bit creep'd out when I look at the phrases people search for which bring them to my blog. ...but, sometimes one has to look!

jamwall said...

Nothing is hotter than "Pelosi Boobs Jiggling in My Face, Part IV" on DVD!

Bone said...

I want to subscribe to The Hip Network. This is so much better than what's on real TV.

I watched a show the other night with aliens and a guy with a tractor tire print across his face. On ABC!

Hypersonic said...

Happy Teacher's Day ( 15th Oct.)

Nance said...

Sigh. Someone actually googled for "the name of my future husband."

Geeze, people. It's a search engine, not a medium. Go pay your 25 bucks to the wacko with the fake palm tree on her porch LIKE EVERYONE ELSE DOES.

Übermilf said...

Frog hips

Übermilf said...

by the way, someone came to my blog today searching for "miniature pincher and anal leakage"

Scarlet Flounder said...

chloroform soaked rag

Nick, your date is looking for you!

Princess of the Universe said...

Blog stats are a constant source of amusement for me.

PS- I nominated you for an award!

Naynayfazz said...

You're a freaking celebrity! Yeah and you should STOP OBSESSING OVER PORN. ha ha