Friday, May 04, 2007

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Whose entire class passed the SAT (Stanford Achievement Test) with flying colors???

Whose entire class is being promoted to second grade??? Not one to be retained???

Whose entire class rocked the DIBELS (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills) Oral Reading Fluency tests - with each student reading anywhere from 45-128* words per minute????

*Hey, remember these kids are six and seven years old - I know adults who can't read that well. Their parents, for example.

Join me in a happy dance, won't you.


In another news, I wanted to give an update on the The now famous Boy, especially since he has recently gotten so much extra attention. I still see him everyday as his classroom is right down the hall from mine. He bolts out of line to hug me whenever he sees me, and always comes into my classroom at dismissal for yet another good-bye hug. He's still struggling, but he's making it through second grade.

Today when he came in at dismissal he was holding a silk rose in his hand. One of the teachers is selling them for the kids to bring home as Mother's Day presents. He hugged me so tight that I felt my ribs bending - as usual - and then proudly showed me the rose.

"Oh how pretty!" I said, "Is that for grandma?"

"No, it's for you!" he replied.

I took the rose and hugged him tight, thanking him. Then I asked if grandma gave him the money to buy me a rose.

"No," he said, "that's from my allowance. I bought it with my own money."

"Oh my!" I exclaimed, "How sweet! Did you buy one for your teacher too?"

"No Ms. Woes," he said, "I only bought one for you. You're the only teacher I've ever really had."

Yeah...I'm crying too.


miss kendra said...


that's the sweetest thing i've ever heard.

you just killed me.

darth said...

wonderful :)

Sizzle said...

that is SOME birthday gift. ;)

how awesome!

Karen Shanley said...

Hope you're doing something special to celebrate your awesomeness as a teacher.

Now off to go find a box of Kleenex.

yournamehere said...

Was that supposed to be touching or something?

Miss B said...

Teaching - with its ups and downs, endless paperwork, and testing galore - is the BEST career ever.

Congratulations, Ms. Wose. While I haven't had that type of experience with my students (yet), I've been bombarded the past few days by the little ones whose classroom I'm no longer in.

When they see me on the playground, or in the hallway, they begin waving wildly and rushing toward me to crush me in a hug.

It truly is a wonderful feeling.

Sysm said...

My guys have been writing letters to their teachers for the end of the year. The younger ones, especially, feel real love for them. And it's clearly reciprocated.

I love that you teach, and that you care for your kids like you do.

Thank you so much.

Dan-E said...

that's really quite sweet. i actually said "awww" out loud as i read that.

i'm not gay.

Bill said...

Other than to say, "Yeah ... I'm jealous," I can think of nothing to say. I just can't figure out if I'm jealous of those young people who have a teacher like that or whether I'm jealous of the teacher for having a job like that.

Janet said...

I love Snoopy so much. SO MUCH. Of course I will dance with you.

And I don't know what else testifies of your amazingness better than that little boy. WOMAN!

Melissa said...

I'd love to do the Snoopy dance with you!

Also, that little boy's comment made my day. Be proud of yourself. You have good reason to be. :)

G3T Films said...

Yeah, well, your class might be smarter than me but I bet I could still beat them up... wait... six or seven... hmmmm, well, I bet I'm taller anyways!

PS. He bought you a silk rose with his own pocket money? You're like, toooootally his girlfriend now Ms Wose.

jiggs said...

you're kick ass.

Flounder said...

If I had teachers as great as you, I'd have the vocabulary to pay you a proper compliment.

Anonymous said...

the following comment is coming from the dad in danny, not the sick freak who snelches trout

I have a first grader myself, and her teacher is not a good one. She spends no time teaching the kids, doesn't help with social issues involving the children, and just plain doesn't care.

It would be nice to have you as a teacher for my child like you. It's obviously a testament (sp?) to how good you are if a kid buys you a flower when you are no longer his teacher, and nobody else.

You are a treasure to society.

and so ends the decent danny comment, and the fuckbeak comes out...

I'd buy you a flower, and then I'd throw you down on the lunch table and ravage you until you scream "Oh Danny! You've thrown off the grading curve that I use to evaluate my lovers. And your balls are so smoooooooooooooth!!!!"


Anonymous said...

there was a lapse in my typing and i need to correct a sentence.

"It would be nice to have a teacher for my child like you."


Leezer said...

That brought a tear to my eye.

Will you be my daughter's teacher? Seriously. Just fly out to Seattle every morning and take the red-eye home. My daughter will be in the first grade next year and here's my beef:

Many parents had their Kindergarteners take the test for "gifted" kids only two weeks into the school year. My daughter is bright, but I doubt she's a genius and I'm happy she's not. I can't imagine making a five year old take a whole Saturday to take a test. So I didn't do it. Now all the other parents whose kids "passed" into the gifted class are crowing about it.

So, this is why I want you to come teach at her school. You'd love it.

Cincysundevil said...

You're a pretty cool teacher, Ms Woes

Übermilf said...

So then you threw it in the garbage, right?

egan said...

Congrats Brooke on your class' success. That's a great accomplishment. Does this mean you'll be staying in Florida to teach for another year?

Hypersonic said...





Nance said...

...and then there's June, July, and August, too! Sometimes, this teacher thing really is everything we hoped it would be.

I'm awaiting my sophomores' results on the OGT (ohio graduation test). This is the test they need in order to graduate. I've never, ever had a single kid fail in either reading or writing. Hoping to keep the record intact.

Way to go, brookelina. It's what we do.

BV said...

Yeah, a tear dropped. You and your awesomeness...what is a girl to do?

thephoenixnyc said...

That's awesome brookelina. I'm proud to know you. MUah.

Mone said...

Two thumbs up!
You are great!
You are the greatest! There need to be more teachers like you!